Research Perspectives on Functional Micro- and Nanoscale Coatings

59d6cf8c75fcd.jpg Author Ana Zuzuarregui and Maria Carmen Morant-Miñana
Isbn 9781522500667
File size 32.6MB
Year 2016
Pages 511
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

Just as chemistry is a part of our daily lives, functional coatings can be found in almost every object, gadget or device you can see or touch. However, in the last 20 years the advances made in the preparation of different functional coatings with diverse compositions have allowed the development of nanoscale coatings that are more cost-effective and environmentally conscious than traditional coatings.

Research Perspectives on Functional Micro- and Nanoscale Coatings highlights critical research on preparation methods, modification, organization, and utilization of functional coatings in micro, nano, and biotechnology. Emphasizing emerging developments and global research perspectives, this publication is a pivotal resource for engineers, researchers, and graduate-level students interested in learning about emerging developments in functional coatings and nanotechnology.



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