Jean-marcel Rax, Physique De La Conversion D’énergie

Les gradients des variables thermodynamiques intensives, potentiels mécanique et électrique, pression, température et potentiel chimique, constituent des écarts à l'équilibre thermodynamique permettant d'extraire du travail de notre environnement. Les processus de conversion d'énergie utilisant ces sources d'énergies libres sont accompagnés d une production d entropie qui dégrade l'efficacité de conversion. Cet ouvrage de Physique de...

Optoelectronics: Materials And Devices Ed.

This book covers recent achievements by specialists around the world. An interested reader will find in this book the description of properties and applications employing organic and inorganic materials, as well as the methods of fabrication and analysis of operation and regions of application of modern optoelectronic devices. This issue follows the Optoelectronics Books II and III published in 2012 and 2013, as part of the collectio...

Simulation Theory: A Psychological And Philosophical Consideration

  Theory of Mind (ToM) is the term used for our ability to predict and explain the behaviour of ourselves and others. Accounts of this theory have so far fallen into two competing types: Simulation Theory and ‘Theory Theory’. In contrast with Theory Theory, Simulation Theory argues that we predict behaviour not by employing a model of people, but by replicating others’ thoughts and feelings. This book presents a novel defence of...

Les Maths En Physique : La Physique À Travers Le Filtre Des Mathématiques

Traditionnellement, la physique est présentée par spécialités (mécanique, thermodynamique, optique...), les mathématiques ne servant qu'à «calculer» ; ce livre offre une approche complémentaire et transversale, dans laquelle concepts et techniques mathématiques, pris comme points de départ, servent à restructurer et unifier les connaissances en physiques. Dans cette troisième édition, revue et corrigée, plusieurs chapitres ont été re...

Cybersecurity Dilemmas: Technology, Policy, And Incentives

Individuals, businesses, governments, and society at large have tied their future to information technologies, and activities carried out in cyberspace have become integral to daily life. Yet these activities - many of them drivers of economic development - are under constant attack from vandals, criminals, terrorists, hostile states, and other malevolent actors. In addition, a variety of legitimate actors, including businesses and g...

Building The Past: Prehistoric Wooden Post Architecture In The Ohio Valley-great Lakes

“This volume presents a much-needed synthesis of prehistoric wooden architecture in the greater Ohio region. The authors pursue new avenues of research in explaining architectural variation from rarely encountered Archaic domestic structures to large public buildings of Fort Ancient societies.”—Cameron Lacquement, editor of Architectural Variability in the Southeast “A significant contribution to the cultural history of the Ohio Vall...

Evelyne Chelain, Nadège Lubin-germain, Jacques Uziel, Maxi Fiches : Chimie Organique, 3e Éd

Les ouvrages de la collection « Maxi-Fiches » s'adressent aux étudiants désireux de maîtriser les fondamentaux d'une discipline. En 75 fiches synthétiques de 2 à 4 pages sont présentées toutes les grandes notions de la Physique (Mécanique du point, Thermodynamique, Electromagnétisme, Electrocinétique, Optique, Physique nucléaire, Introduction à la physique quantique). Chaque fiche est accompagnée d'une application pour aider l'étudia...

Law, Environmental Illness And Medical Uncertainty: The Contested Governance Of Health

We’ve seen it before, with asbestos-related disease, leukaemia clusters and lung cancer caused by cigarettes. There tends to be a lag between the emergence of environmental risks and chemical injuries, and their recognition and therapeutic treatment by medicine and the law. Law, Environmental Illness and Medical Uncertainty examines how our society governs new health concerns as they emerge, and the barriers that face new and uncerta...

Strange Tools: Art And Human Nature

A philosopher makes the case for thinking of works of art as tools for investigating ourselves In his new book, Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature, the philosopher and cognitive scientist Alva Noë raises a number of profound questions: What is art? Why do we value art as we do? What does art reveal about our nature? Drawing on philosophy, art history, and cognitive science, and making provocative use of examples from all three of th...

Gut Feminism (Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies)

"From organ speech to enteric moods, the gut is minded and the mind gutted by this book. It promises and delivers readings of biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomy, and psychoanalysis as strange matters that are unsettling to biology and feminism alike. Provocative in its diagnosis of the rejection of biology in feminist theory, I expect many readers will both devour this book, and throw it around the room a little." "'There is still s...