Responding To Climate Change: Lessons From An Australian Hotspot

South East Queensland has been one of the fastest growing regions of Australia, both in terms of its rapidly growing population and an ever-expanding built environment. It is also one of the most vulnerable regions likely to suffer from the adverse impacts of climate change, especially increased flooding, storms, coastal erosion and drought. Responding to Climate Change: Lessons from an Australian Hotspot brings together the results ...

Crystals And Crystal Growth

Hydrothermal crystal growth offers a complementary alternative to many of the classical techniques of crystal growth used to synthesise new materials and grow bulk crystals for specific applications. This specialised technique is often capable of growing crystals at temperatures well below their melting points and thus potentially offers routes to new phases or the growth of bulk crystals with less thermal strain. Borate crystals are...

Letters To A Law Student: A Guide To Studying Law At University, 3 Edition

Nick McBride is a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. He was formerly a Fellow of All souls College, Oxford. A specialist in areas of the common law (obligations) he is also director of undergraduate studies and a law librarian, equipping him with the ideal background for guiding students through their legal studies. Letters to a Law Studentrelays all that a prospective law student needs to know before embarking on their studies. ...

Introduction To Design For Civil Engineers

An Introduction to Design for Civil Engineers is a concise book that provides the reader with the necessary background on terminology used in design. With this book as a guide, entry-level students of civil engineering will better understand from the outset lectures on detailed subject areas. Drawing on a wealth of experience, the two authors present a largely qualitative treatment of the subject matter with little mathematics. Descr...

Psychologie Im Sport By Sigurd Baumann

Anliegen des Buches ist es, daß sich Sportler und Trainer der praxisorientierten Hilfestellung der Sportpsychologie bewußt werden. Durch die Psychologie können Sportler Wege finden, den Umgang mit psychischer Belastung zu erkennen.

Ecological Sustainability For Non-timber Forest Products: Dynamics And Case Studies Of Harvesting

There is growing knowledge about and appreciation of the importance of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) to rural livelihoods in developing countries, and to a lesser extent, developed countries. However, there is also an assumption on the part of policy-makers that any harvesting of wild animal or plant products from the forests and other natural and modified ecosystems must be detrimental to the long-term viability of target popul...

Jean-marcel Rax, Physique De La Conversion D’énergie

Les gradients des variables thermodynamiques intensives, potentiels mécanique et électrique, pression, température et potentiel chimique, constituent des écarts à l'équilibre thermodynamique permettant d'extraire du travail de notre environnement. Les processus de conversion d'énergie utilisant ces sources d'énergies libres sont accompagnés d une production d entropie qui dégrade l'efficacité de conversion. Cet ouvrage de Physique de...

Optoelectronics: Materials And Devices Ed.

This book covers recent achievements by specialists around the world. An interested reader will find in this book the description of properties and applications employing organic and inorganic materials, as well as the methods of fabrication and analysis of operation and regions of application of modern optoelectronic devices. This issue follows the Optoelectronics Books II and III published in 2012 and 2013, as part of the collectio...

Simulation Theory: A Psychological And Philosophical Consideration

  Theory of Mind (ToM) is the term used for our ability to predict and explain the behaviour of ourselves and others. Accounts of this theory have so far fallen into two competing types: Simulation Theory and ‘Theory Theory’. In contrast with Theory Theory, Simulation Theory argues that we predict behaviour not by employing a model of people, but by replicating others’ thoughts and feelings. This book presents a novel defence of...