Computational And Mathematical Modeling In The Social Sciences

This book provides an overview and a critique of mathematical modeling in the social sciences. It covers the three major traditions: game theory, statistics, and computational modeling. Because there are genuine problems with the state of current research, a new framework for conducting research that integrates the three traditions is proposed. Two features of the analysis deserve particular mention. First, the book concentrates on p...

Therapy To Go: Gourmet Fast Food Handouts For Working With Adult Clients

The book provides creative ways to explore a wide-range of general therapeutic issues and specific problems... The best feature of this book is that it contains such a vast range of photocopiable resources in a single place. The topics covered are so wide-ranging that it would take a busy therapist a considerable time to develop a similar set of resources of their own. -- Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy

Mathématiques En Économie-gestion

Comment utiliser les fonctions usuelles les plus simples ? Comment étudier l’évolution d’un capital à l'aide d'une suite numérique ? Dans quels cas est-il pertinent d’utiliser les fonctions puissance, logarithme et exponentielle ? À quoi sert le calcul intégral ? Quelle est l’utilité de l’algèbre linéaire en économie ? Comment maximiser le profit lorsqu'il dépend de plusieurs variables ? Alliant théorie et pratique, ce manuel met l’a...

Environmental Mafia: The Enemy Is Us

Richard O'Leary questions the validity of some (or much) of the agenda of the environmental movement in the U.S., and documents his case with detailed examples of the enormous dangers created by uncontrolled bureaucratic Kafka-esque regulators operating in the name of the higher good. Such regulations and actions sometimes have effects opposite to what was intended, serving neither the environment nor society. As more and more of sub...

Lte Pour Les Reseaux 4g

En cours de déploiement dans de nombreux pays, la technologie LTE (Long Term Evolution), aussi connue sous le nom de 4G, représente une évolution majeure dans le domaine des réseaux mobiles. Le LTE constitue le prolongement du GSM (2G) et de l'UMTS/HSPA (3G/3G+), avec pour objectifs :- d'accroître les débits offerts aux utilisateurs ;- d'augmenter la capacité des réseaux ;- d'améliorer l'interactivité grâce à une réduction de la late...

Ebola: An Evolving Story

The book is a narrative of the unfolding of the Ebola virus disease outbreak from a scientific view point. The author provides an analysis of the scientific basis of public health policies that have influenced the public's, and the medical community's, abilities to understand the virus and the disease. This is done in the context of providing insights into the biology of the virus, and exploring open questions, including its likely m...

Electronique De Puissance – Cours, Études De Cas Et Exercices Corrigés

Cet ouvrage est destiné aux étudiants d’IUT, des cycles Licence et Master Sciences de l’ingénieur ainsi qu’aux élèves-ingénieurs. Ce cours complet d’électronique de puissance est conçu selon une approche pratique et descriptive, associée à un exposé progressif et détaillé du cours. Il accompagnera le lecteur, depuis l’apprentissage des notions et des mécaniques de base de l’électronique de commutation jusqu’à l’étude complète de syst...

Introduction To Oil And Gas Operational Safety

Wise Global Training is a company dedicated to providing quality health and safety training in a variety of formats including eLearning and classroom based courses as well as webinars. Aligned directly to the NEBOSH syllabus, this book covers the breadth and depth of oil and gas operational safety. This book guides the reader through the principles of how to manage operational risks, carefully conveying a technical subject in a clear...

Gandhi’s Printing Press: Experiments In Slow Reading

Isabel Hofmeyr presents a detailed study of Gandhi’s work in South Africa (1893–1914), when he was the some-time proprietor of a printing press and launched the periodical Indian Opinion. The skills Gandhi honed as a newspaperman—distilling stories from numerous sources, circumventing shortages of type—influenced his spare prose style. Operating out of the colonized Indian Ocean world, Gandhi saw firsthand how a global empire depende...