The Secrets of Happy Families

Eight Keys to Building a Lifetime of Connection and Contentment

583aa877f018e.jpeg Author Scott Haltzman
Isbn 9780470377109
File size 3MB
Year 2009
Pages 272
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

Proven ways to create a more loving family

Research proves that happy families are good for health, longevity, peace of mind, productivity, and success. In The Secrets of Happy Families, Scott Haltzman offers an original approach to building family contentment that works for families of all ethnicities and make-ups–two-parent, single-parent, blended, childless, or same-sex couple. He provides a "positive psychology" way of solving family problems through strategy and leadership, including knowing and accepting who you are, taking a leadership role in loving and united relationships, building a network of support in extended families and communities, and making quality time for fun, adventures, holidays, and rituals.



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