CISSP Exam Prep Questions: Domain 6 – Security Assessment and Testing

Practice questions for Domain 6 (Security Assessment and Testing) of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. Prep. Pass. Protect. That’s the purpose of this eBook. This is not a study guide – rather, this is meant to augment your other preparation material. These questions are entirely original – I’m a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and I wrote them for you, the future CISSP...

Core Software Security: Security at the Source

"... an engaging book that will empower readers in both large and small software development and engineering organizations to build security into their products.... Readers are armed with firm solutions for the fight against cyber threats." ―Dr. Dena Haritos Tsamitis. Carnegie Mellon University "... a must read for security specialists, software developers and software engineers. ... should be part of every security professional’s li...

Datensicherheit: Technische und organisatorische Schutzmaßnahmen gegen Datenverlust und Computerkriminalität

Anhand vieler Praxisbeispiele und Merksätze bietet das Buch einen leicht verständlichen Einstieg in die technische und organisatorische Datensicherheit. Es liefert einen Einblick in das für Datenschutzbeauftragte obligatorische technische Wissen. Datensicherheit ist ein untrennbarer Teil des Datenschutzes, der mehr und mehr in unserer Gesellschaft an Bedeutung gewinnt. Er kann nur dann wirksam umgesetzt werden, wenn ein Verständnis f...

Physical-Layer Security: From Information Theory to Security Engineering

This complete guide to physical-layer security presents the theoretical foundations, practical implementation, challenges and benefits of a groundbreaking new model for secure communication. Using a bottom-up approach from the link level all the way to end-to-end architectures, it provides essential practical tools that enable graduate students, industry professionals and researchers to build more secure systems by exploiting the noi...

Eradicating Terrorism from the Middle East

This book analyzes the contributing factors responsible for the emergence of terrorism in the Middle East with specific case studies based on empirical data that anchors the analyses in real life observation and posits unbiased, bipartisan solutions. Terrorists are targeting civilian populations around the world and increasing pressure on civil liberties, public policy and democratic institutions. With the defeat of one terrorist org...

Introduction to Intelligent Surveillance

This accessible textbook/reference reviews the fundamental concepts and practical issues involved in designing digital surveillance systems that fully exploit the power of intelligent computing techniques. The book presents comprehensive coverage of all aspects of such systems, from camera calibration and data capture, to the secure transmission of surveillance data. In addition to the detection and recognition of objects and biometr...

The Web as History: Using Web Archives to Understand the Past and the Present

The web as a reflection of society The web has been with us for more than a quarter of a century. It has become a daily and ubiquitous source of information in many peoples’ lives around the globe. But what does it tell us about historical and social change? For a researcher in the twenty-second century, it will seem unimaginable that someone studying the twenty-first century would do anything but draw heavily on the online world to ...

For Beginners Guide Hacking On How To Hack, Computer Books New

This book dives deep into basic security procedures you should follow to avoid being exploited. You’ll learn about identity theft, password security essentials, what to be aware of, and how malicious hackers are profiting from identity and personal data theft.Spoofing Techniques WiFi Hacking Hacking Tools Your First Hack Passive Attacks Get Your Hacking: Computer Hacking Beginners Guide How to Hack Wireless Network, Basic Security, a...

SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice

SSL (secure socket layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are widely deployed security protocols that are used in all kinds of web-based e-commerce and e-business applications and are part of most contemporary security systems available today. This practical book provides a comprehensive introduction to these protocols, offering you a solid understanding of their design. Practitioners find discussions on the advantages and disadva...

Network Flow Analysis

Unlike packet sniffers that require you to reproduce network problems in order to analyze them, flow analysis lets you turn back time as you analyze your network. You'll learn how to use open source software to build a flow-based network awareness system and how to use network analysis and auditing to address problems and improve network reliability. You'll also learn how to use a flow analysis system; collect flow records; view, fil...