Security Einfach Machen: IT-Sicherheit als Sprungbrett für die Digitalisierung

In diesem Buch beleuchten Autoren aus der Politik, Wirtschaft und Forschung das Thema Security:Was wird sie kosten und wer wird sie anbieten? Wird Security vielleicht sogar Spaß machen?Das Internet der Dinge wird nicht einmal zehn Jahre brauchen, um 2020 mehr als 50 Milliarden Geräte zu vernetzen.Digitalisierung rast durch alle Bereiche der Wirtschaft und des Lebens. Sie bringt Geschwindigkeit und Kosteneffizienz, aber sie vergrößert...

Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry

In Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry, Thomas A. Trier identifies the inherent need and desire for intelligence-based security that exists throughout the private security industry. He provides a general overview of intelligence-based security and specific implementation guidelines to reduce private businesses’ risk and vulnerability to criminal activities. This book is practical and informational, demonstrating real appl...

A Practical Guide to Coping with Cyberstalking

To create fear, distress and to disrupt the daily activities of another person through cyberstalking is a crime, if you are currently affected by cyberstalking, it is crucial that you alert the police to your situation to keep yourself safe. This practical guide offers an outline of the area of cyberstalking and cyber abuse. Written in an approachable way, it describes the forms of intrusions that have been identified by research and...

Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security X

Since the mid 1990s, data hiding has been proposed as an enabling technology for securing multimedia communication and is now used in various applications including broadcast monitoring, movie fingerprinting, steganography, video indexing and retrieval and image authentication. Data hiding and cryptographic techniques are often combined to complement each other, thus triggering the development of a new research field of multimedia se...

Advances in Network and Distributed Systems Security

The more our society relies on electronic forms of communication, the more the security of these communication networks is essential for its well-functioning. As a consequence, research on methods and techniques to improve network security is extremely important. Topics in this volume include the latest developments in: Security protocols; Secure software engineering; Mobile agent security; E-commerce security; Security for distribut...

CCNA Security Course Booklet

The Cisco CCNA Security curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary network security, helping Cisco Networking Academy students systematically prepare for the latest CCNA Security exam. While extensive online study resources are available, many students and instructors have requested a low-cost printed resource that can be used to study in places where Internet access may not be available. This booklet is that resour...

DDoS Attacks: Evolution, Detection, Prevention, Reaction, and Tolerance

DDoS Attacks: Evolution, Detection, Prevention, Reaction, and Tolerance discusses the evolution of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, how to detect a DDoS attack when one is mounted, how to prevent such attacks from taking place, and how to react when a DDoS attack is in progress, with the goal of tolerating the attack. It introduces types and characteristics of DDoS attacks, reasons why such attacks are often successful, ...

Penetration Testing with the Bash Shel

Make the most of the Bash shell and Kali Linux's commandlinebased security assessment toolsAbout This Book Utilize the command line to create, run, and execute tests Learn useful command line based information processing utilities and unlock the problem solving power of a Linux terminal Practical demonstrations using in-depth explanations and screenshots to help you use the Linux Bash terminal to tackle a collection of common securit...

Protecting Mobile Networks and Devices: Challenges and Solutions

This book gathers and analyzes the latest attacks, solutions, and trends in mobile networks. Its broad scope covers attacks and solutions related to mobile networks, mobile phone security, and wireless security. It examines the previous and emerging attacks and solutions in the mobile networking worlds, as well as other pertinent security issues. The many attack samples present the severity of this problem, while the delivered method...

The Data Protection Officer: Profession, Rules, and Role

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation created the position of corporate Data Protection Officer (DPO), who is empowered to ensure the organization is compliant with all aspects of the new data protection regime. Organizations must now appoint and designate a DPO. The specific definitions and building blocks of the data protection regime are enhanced by the new General Data Protection Regulation and therefore the DPO will be ver...