A Comprehensive Guide to 5G Security

initially, i was concerned based on the one review that said that it was just a grouping of papers simply bound up. i found it to be far more than that. it provides analysis, and covers major areas related to security for emerging 5g networks-and like well written books in this area, provides a great index and references for further study. i recommend the book, and the price point for it is within the other books dealing with 5G like...

Security Opportunities in Nano Devices and Emerging Technologies

The research community lacks both the capability to explain the effectiveness of existing techniques and the metrics to predict the security properties and vulnerabilities of the next generation of nano-devices and systems. This book provides in-depth viewpoints on security issues and explains how nano devices and their unique properties can address the opportunities and challenges of the security community, manufacturers, system int...

Cyber Criminals on Trial

This book comprises an international study of the manner in which cyber criminals are currently handled by the judicial system. As computer-related crime becomes more important globally, both scholarly and journalistic accounts tend to focus on the ways in which the crime has been committed and how it could have been prevented. Very little has been written about the capture, possible extradition, prosecution, sentencing and incarcera...

File System Forensic Analysis

An informative book can get a bit dense at times. This book helped me with an operating systems class. It is one book for the reference bookshelf, digital or otherwise. I've not completed reading this book yet but let me tell you this is absolutely the book that needed to be written on this subject. I've taken lots of courses in forensics and this re-established the knowledge from those courses. I can confirm the validity of the info...

The Transparent Traveler: The Performance and Culture of Airport Security

"Rachel Hall describes a state of emergency that has probably been normal in the rest of the world since the inception of mass air travel, and to non-Americans, it has a whiff of naivety. Nevertheless, this is an excellent book. As Hall observes, the technological and cultural advances in the area of security have been so great and so rapid in recent years that they constitute a major part of our contemporary lives. Her argument cent...

Big Data Analytics with Applications in Insider Threat Detection

Today's malware mutates randomly to avoid detection, but reactively adaptive malware is more intelligent, learning and adapting to new computer defenses on the fly. Using the same algorithms that antivirus software uses to detect viruses, reactively adaptive malware deploys those algorithms to outwit antivirus defenses and to go undetected. This book provides details of the tools, the types of malware the tools will detect, implement...

CPTED and Traditional Security Countermeasures

CTPED and Traditional Security Countermeasures: 150 Things You Should Know is a handy reference for both seasoned professionals and those just starting out in security and law enforcement. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a foundational concept to physical security and can be incorporated widely in security policies, plans, and procedures. It has proven effective over the many years insofar as building and cam...

Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology

I had John as my Info Sec professor for two classes. His insight in class has given me such a passion for InfoSec! I undoubtedly believe his book will do the same! If you can hear him lecture it will only drive your passion even more for the need for and drive towards info security! Anyone who is truly in need of the 'ah-ha' effect should buy this book!

Wireless Crime and Forensic Investigation

Security is always a concern with any new technology. When we think security we typically think of stopping an attacker from breaking in or gaining access. However, based on the broad reach of wireless, stopping someone from passively listening is just as critical. Intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and forensics are just a few of the key areas that must be understood and applied to proactively solve the wireless problem. From s...

Computer Security: Principles and Practice, Global Edition

Computer Security: Principles and Practice, 4th Edition, is ideal for courses in Computer/Network Security. The need for education in computer security and related topics continues to grow at a dramatic rate—and is essential for anyone studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Written for both an academic and professional audience, the 4th Edition continues to set the standard for computer security with a balanced presentati...