A+, Network+, Security+ Exams in a Nutshell

While I've written about O'reilly "Nutshell" books before, and have had nothing but compliments, I offer a caveat with this one: make sure you know your stuff before getting this book and taking the CompTIA tests. I bought this book with about 10 years of computer knowledge behind me - I did reasonably well on the A+ portion, but blew the Network+ right out of the water... This text hits all of the points with good categorization and...

IT Security Metrics

Solidly written and well present book for IT Professionals to convey the essentials and apply the practical framework of IT Security metrics to keep the eye on the ball in a quickly changing business and IT landscape. I loaned it to my team and other colleagues who gained a different appreciation of the value, effort and also individual responsibilities required to ensure an enterprises IT security.  It's a nice book for people that ...

Security and Privacy in Smart Grids

Presenting the work of prominent researchers working on smart grids and related fields around the world, Security and Privacy in Smart Grids identifies state-of-the-art approaches and novel technologies for smart grid communication and security. It investigates the fundamental aspects and applications of smart grid security and privacy and reports on the latest advances in the range of related areas―making it an ideal reference for s...

Developing a Biometric Exit System to Address Visitor Overstays

Each year, millions of visitors come to the United States legally on a temporary basis. Overstays are individuals who were admitted legally on a temporary basis but then overstayed their authorized periods of admission. The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 required the Secretary of Homeland Security to develop a plan to accelerate implementation of a biometric entry and exit data system that matches informatio...

Cloud Security and Privacy: (Theory in Practice)

Cloud computing is such a hot topic in today's IT world. The business reasons for adopting cloud computing to run SMB and enterprise IT operations is so strong that it is almost inevitable that we will see a movement toward more and more cloud services being offered. Perhaps a dark cloud that hangs over cloud computing is the question of security (and privacy). The authors of "Cloud Security and Privacy" have done an excellend job of...

LDPC Code Designs, Constructions, and Unification

'The importance of LDPC codes in numerous applications and their capacity-approaching performance has led to an explosion in research into their construction and analysis over the past decade. The numerous effective constructions of them can be broadly classified as algebraic and graphical, including the important superposition, protograph and spatial coupling techniques. This timely volume explains, unifies and greatly clarifies the...

Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

Publicly available statistics from government agencies that are credible, relevant, accurate, and timely are essential for policy makers, individuals, households, businesses, academic institutions, and other organizations to make informed decisions. Even more, the effective operation of a democratic system of government depends on the unhindered flow of statistical information to its citizens. In the United States, federal statistica...

Combating Security Breaches and Criminal Activity in the Digital Sphere

With the rapid advancement in technology, a myriad of new threats have emerged in online environments. The broad spectrum of these digital risks requires new and innovative methods for protection against cybercrimes. Combating Security Breaches and Criminal Activity in the Digital Sphere is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on current trends in cyber forensic investigations, focusing on advanced techniques ...

Full Disclosure: The Perils and Promise of Transparency

Sunshine may indeed be the best disinfectant, in Louis Brandeis' words, but only if we know when, where, and how to shine the light. That is exactly the task that Full Disclosure sets itself. This is an important book at an important time, for everyone from mayors to senators to secretary generals."   "Governmental transparency efforts inform the public about additives in the food we eat, dangerous criminals in our neighborhoods...