Human Security and Natural Disasters

A very important book that sheds new light on questions of human security and natural disasters, especially with regard to gender-related issues, public health responses and human rights issues. A wide range of case studies ranging from the Haiti earthquake, Indian Ocean tsunami to Hurricane Katrina bring the reader close to cutting edge critical research on how natural disasters severely affect human security. The human security con...

Security and Privacy in Smart Sensor Networks

Security and privacy protection within computer networks can be a challenge. By examining the current problems and challenges this domain is facing, more efficient strategies can be established to safeguard personal information against invasive pressures. Security and Privacy in Smart Sensor Networks is a critical scholarly resource that examines recent developments and emerging trends in smart sensor security and privacy by providin...

New Solutions for Cybersecurity (MIT Connection Science and Engineering)

In a globalized world facing an increasingly sophisticated and multi-dimensional spectrum of cybersecurity challenges, this book provides a rare range of approaches, from market-driven to foundational, to meaningfully tackle the security and privacy challenges faced by governments, enterprises, and individuals. A must-read for those looking for an innovative technical vision for structural changes to progress from inherently insecure...

Attacking Network Protocols: A Hacker's Guide to Capture, Analysis, and Exploitation

I know quite a bit capturing and manipulating network traffic, but I never really learned how to do interception via mechanisms like ARP poisoning, etc-- this book has succinct coverage of many such techniques. It covers interception across all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and introduces the open-source Canape interception toolkit which makes many tasks simple. Beyond the "how" of using tools, the book covers practical techn...

EW 104 : EW Against a New Generation of Threats

Worth Every Cent If You Want to Know Electronic Warfare. I can't recommend this 442 page tome enough. Of course you will need the EW 101, 102 &103 EW books if you want to fully understand this latest volume by a master writer of engineering electronic warfare lecturer David L. Adamy who is one of the leaders of the 14,000 members of the Society of Old Crows. For EW 104 the chapters are laid out by the following categories: 1) Spe...

Detecting and Mitigating Robotic Cyber Security Risks

Detecting and Mitigating Robotic Cyber Security Risks is an essential reference publication for the latest research on new methodologies and applications in the areas of robotic and digital security. Featuring extensive coverage on a broad range of topics, such as authentication techniques, cloud security, and mobile robotics, this book is ideally designed for students, researchers, scientists, and engineers seeking current research ...

Cosmic Threats : A Planetary Response

Cosmic Threats: A Planetary Perspective calls for the progressive creation of supra-national institutions intended to protect life on Earth against natural threats, be these terrestrial (pandemics, super-volcanoes, major earthquakes.) or celestial (comets, asteroids, meteor storms). The protection proffered would need to be pre-emptive, though also responsive, reducing the number of adverse events but also their specific consequences...

BTFM: Blue Team Field Manual

This is very useful and concise reference book for both someone with some experience in the cybersecurity field, and for a beginner to learn useful command that may be recommended practices that they might not be aware of. Also the list of tool suites that is helpful.

DNS Security For Dummies (Infoblox Special Edition)

This is an excellent book for both beginners and those with some knowledge of DNS and how it works. It starts with the basics and includes how DNS relates to TCP/IP and the OSI model. It continues with setting up your DNS servers and troubleshooting. It continues on with more advanced concepts and security issues. All this is in a very readable format.

Empirical Research for Software Security :(Series in Security, Privacy and Trust)

Developing secure software requires the integration of numerous methods and tools into the development process, and software design is based on shared expert knowledge, claims, and opinions. Empirical methods, including data analytics, allow extracting knowledge and insights from the data that organizations collect from their processes and tools, and from the opinions of the experts who practice these processes and methods. This book...