Computer Incident Response and Product Security

Computer Incident Response and Product Security The practical guide to building and running incident response and product security teams Damir Rajnovic Organizations increasingly recognize the urgent importance of effective, cohesive, and efficient security incident response. The speed and effectiveness with which a company can respond to incidents has a direct impact on how devastating an incident is on the company’s operations and ...

Linux : Sécuriser un réseau - Bernard Boutherin

Quelles règles d'or appliquer pour préserver la sûreté d'un réseau Linux ? Comment protéger les systèmes de données ? Grâce à des principes simples et à la mise en œuvre d'outils libres réputés pour leur efficacité, on apprendra dans ce cahier à améliorer l'architecture d'un réseau d'entreprise et à le protéger contre les intrusions, dénis de service et autres attaques. On verra notamment comment filtrer des flux (netfilter/lPtables…...

Reducing Uncertainty

The US government spends billions of dollars every year to reduce uncertainty: to monitor and forecast everything from the weather to the spread of disease. In other words, we spend a lot of money to anticipate problems, identify opportunities, and avoid mistakes. A substantial portion of what we spend―over $50 billion a year―goes to the US Intelligence Community. Reducing Uncertainty describes what Intelligence Community analysts do...

Securing Government Information and Data in Developing Countries

The ongoing growth of information and communication technology is a high priority for any developing country. These advances help progress with different sectors of socio-economic development within these countries, and strengthens our global economy as a whole. Securing Government Information and Data in Developing Countries provides an informative examination of the latest strategies and methods for protecting government informatio...

Innovative Solutions for Access Control Management

Technological innovation and evolution continues to improve personal and professional lifestyles, as well as general organizational and business practices; however, these advancements also create potential issues in the security and privacy of the users information. Innovative Solutions for Access Control Management features a comprehensive discussion on the trending topics and emergent research in IT security and governance. Highlig...

The Cybersecurity Dilemma

Why do nations break into one another's most important computer networks? There is an obvious answer: to steal valuable information or to attack. But this isn't the full story. This book draws on often-overlooked documents leaked by Edward Snowden, real-world case studies of cyber operations, and policymaker perspectives to show that intruding into other countries' networks has enormous defensive value as well. Two nations, neither o...

Cyber Security on Azure

Prevent destructive attacks to your Azure public cloud infrastructure, remove vulnerabilities, and instantly report cloud security readiness. This book provides comprehensive guidance from a security insider's perspective. Cyber Security on Azure explains how this 'security as a service' (SECaaS) business solution can help you better manage security risk and enable data security control using encryption options such as Advanced Encry...

Why CISOs Fail

This book serves as an introduction into the world of security and provides insight into why and how current security management practices fail, resulting in overall dissatisfaction by practitioners and lack of success in the corporate environment. The author examines the reasons and suggests how to fix them. The resulting improvement is highly beneficial to any corporation that chooses to pursue this approach or strategy and from a ...

User-Centric Privacy and Security in Biometrics

The interplay of privacy, security and user-determination is an important consideration in the roll-out of biometric technologies. It brings into play requirements such as privacy of biometric data in systems, communication and databases, soft biometric profiling, biometric recognition of persons across distributed systems and in nomadic scenarios, and the convergence between user convenience, usability and authentication reliability...

New Threats and Countermeasures in Digital Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Technological advances, although beneficial and progressive, can lead to vulnerabilities in system networks and security. While researchers attempt to find solutions, negative uses of technology continue to create new security threats to users. New Threats and Countermeasures in Digital Crime and Cyber Terrorism brings together research-based chapters and case studies on security techniques and current methods being used to identify ...