Selected Poems: with parallel Spanish text (Oxford World's Classics)

51kCv2kvL7L._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Federico García Lorca
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Year 2007
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Book Description:

Federico Garcia Lorca is the quintessential poet/playwright of Spain. His poems evoke the landscapes of Granada, the Spain we often think of when we think of Spain is the territory of Lorca - guitars, gypsies, moons, bandits.

He is the poet that best represents the Generation of '27; he stands out amongst these poets which include Salinas, Guillen, Cernuda, Hernandez, Aleixander because of the popularity of his poetry, especially his Gypsy Ballads which became dear to the people of Spain. He was a talented guitar player and once had aspirations in composition and music. He knew and worked with the famed composer Manuel de Falla.

I thought this work was good but not up to par with the New Directions "Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca" (introduced by W.S. Merwin). I can't really explain it but some of the translations feel very weak, often strained. My one complaint is the absence of La Casada Infiel (The Faithless Wife). The book has a solid introduction by D. Gareth Walters and some of the poems have a great energy to them, especially selections from the "Book of Poems", "Suites" and "Poems of the Canto Jando". The rest of the translations don't seem to have the same energy. I wish I knew enough Spanish to compare with some more confidence.

I much preferred the New Directions Selected Poems translations of Lorca's poems. I often find poets of Lorca's reach and depth are greatly treated by the works of many translators, collaborators working together to create a single work. Martin Sorrell has put in a great effort and certainly commendable as a translator. If you are looking for a good introduction, this work is suitable for that purpose. But I would look elsewhere for a better representation of Lorca's poems.



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