How Sex Works: Why We Look, Smell, Taste, Feel, and Act the Way We Do

00237805_medium Author Sharon Moalem
Isbn 0061479667
File size 3MB
Year 2009
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

Why are women biologically driven to find Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome?
Can more sex help ensure a safe pregnancy?
What effect does pornography have on a man's fertility?

In this compelling follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Survival of the Sickest, Dr. Sharon Moalem takes us on a trip from prehistory to the forefront of cutting-edge medical research, and through a bedroom or two, to tell the story of how human sexuality has developed over time. How Sex Works challenges common perceptions about our bodies and provides astonishing discoveries from the frontiers of science as it traces the transformation of sex across species and through time to its current role in human societies.

Find out the answers to such provocative questions as:

* Can the birth control pill influence the type of men women are attracted to?
* What do men and honeybees have in common when it comes to sex?
* Why do hourglass-shaped women tend to be especially fertile?
* When are women most likely to cheat?
* Can twins have different fathers?



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