How to Love

Dr. Gordon Livingston's books have resonated with readers as universally and deeply as earlier books by M. Scott Peck, Rollo May, and Erich Fromm. Now, Gordon Livingston—a physician of the human heart, a philosopher of human psychology—offers an urgently needed meditation on who best (and who best not) to love—and how best to love. Dr. Livingston's primary focus in this new book is on helping us to recognize in ourselves and in other...

Wild Sex: 8 Natural Sex Positions That Drive Her Crazy

Would you like to set your sexual coexistence ablaze? It's much simpler than you might suspect. Making it like a master has never been simpler. You will simply need to bring power into your sexual coexistence. Also, this book give is exactly what you require: an awesome arrangement of WILD sex positions, propelled by the… creature life! This is what you will gain from this book: Step by step instructions to make your relationship bec...

Sex: Vice and Love from Antiquity to Modernity

Sex: Vice and Love from Antiquity to Modernity examines the impact that sexual fantasies about the classical world have had on modern Western culture.  Offers a wealth of information on sex in the Greek and Roman world Correlates the study of classical sexuality with modern Western cultures Identifies key influential themes in the evolution of erotic discourse from antiquity to modernity Presents a serious and thought-provoking topic...

Et si j'avais du charisme ! : Les secrets du pouvoir de conviction

Comment convaincre, faire adhérer, rassembler, électriser… ? Faire bonne impression ou encore avoir un bel esprit ne suffisent pas pour faire mouche. Mais alors, quel est donc le secret des personnes charismatiques ? Catherine Berliet examine le charisme sous toutes les coutures et propose de modéliser cet incroyable talent. Grâce à de nombreux exemples mais aussi à des outils et des exercices pour s'entraîner, vous apprendrez à inca...

Educating Girls: Practice and Research

Originally published in 1989. This book addresses a number of issues integral to the education of girls in Australia. Among these are: teacher practices inside and outside the classroom, co-education versus single-sex schooling, curriculum design, students’ self-esteem and long-term aspirations. Intervention programs which tackle these issues – in mathematics, science and sport – are described and evaluated. Throughout, the collectio...

Claire's Cuckold Denial 2: A Hot Wife, Cuckolding and FMM Erotic Story (Claire's Cuckold)

As the relationship between Claire and Brad heats up, Terry, Claire’s husband, finds himself not on the sidelines between the two lover, but an active participant with them. Claire has embraced her role of hot wife and Brad is more than happy to be her bull, but Terry finds himself in the unenviable position of cuckold…which he finds he starts to enjoy. It’s one thing to offer his wife to another man. It’s another entirely to join wi...

Third Day, the Frost (The Tomorrow Series)

Ellie and her friends have achieved more than they ever thought possible as an unarmed bunch of amateur teenage fighters. But it's not enough. The war wages on, their families are in captivity and their country is on its knees. Hiding back in Hell, the friends face a big question: what to do next? The gang have another success when they manage to rescue Kevin. He returns to them equipped with a new knowledge of explosives. Suddenly t...

Partnergewalt gegen Frauen und deren Gewaltbewältigung

Wie gehen von Gewalt betroffene Frauen mit der Gewalt ihres Partners um? Die Problematik der Partnergewalt wurde vielfach erforscht. So wurde auch in der vorliegenden Studie die Problematik aufgegliedert – von der Definition bis zu den Folgen. Diese und andere Fakten bilden die Basis für die Analyse spezifischer Hintergründe der Problematik Partnergewalt gegen Frauen. Wichtig ist die Beschäftigung mit der Gewaltbewältigung, um u.a. z...

Street Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order

"Our voices scrubbed out and forgotten. There are those who research and write about sex workers who often forget we are human."- Amy Lebovitch Canadian cities are striving for high safety ratings by eliminating crime, which includes "cleaning" urban areas of the street sex industry. Ironically, those same sex workers also want to live and work in a safe environment. Shawna Ferris interrogates sanitizing political agendas, analyzes e...

Sex, or the Unbearable (Theory Q)

Sex, or the Unbearable is a dialogue between Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman, two of our leading theorists of sexuality, politics, and culture. In juxtaposing sex and the unbearable they don't propose that sex is unbearable, only that it unleashes unbearable contradictions that we nonetheless struggle to bear. In Berlant and Edelman's exchange, those terms invoke disturbances produced in encounters with others, ourselves, and the worl...