The Orgasm Loop: The No-Fail Technique for Reaching Orgasm During Sex

I first started reading and thought it was new age silly. Picture a flower? A ball of fire? Yeah, right. Then I found an image that appealed to me and it worked, while masturbating. It hasn't made partner sex better or given me multiple orgasms, but has made me come faster during masterbation, a great start! This book has brought a substantive change to my life and I appreciate her "out of the box" thinking.

The Love Trauma Syndrome

Love is one of the most exhilarating emotions we experience—unfortunately, it is also one of the most painful and sometimes traumatic. The unresolved emotional scars from a broken heart can manifest as a “love trauma syndrome.” Until now, a love trauma was thought to precipitate other common psychiatric conditions, such as depression or adjustment disorders, but these generic psychiatric ailments are not adequate for articulating the...

A History of Women: From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints

Informed by the work of seventy-five distinguished historians, this five-volume series sets before us an engaging, panoramic chronicle that extends from antiquity to the present day. The inaugural volume brings women from the margins of ancient history into the fore. It offers fresh insight into more than twenty centuries of Greek and Roman history and encompasses a landscape that stretches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean and...

Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch

Thanks Dr. Patti for writing a great book about an intimate subject. I've learned so much from it that it's worth much more than the price of the book. My wife and I will be on a long journey of exploration and bliss thanks to your wonderful book. Clearly a very good book for anyone who is trying to improve his/her sexual life by dissolving beliefs that create distancing and bad communication and atunement across the intimate couple....

Sexual Life in Ancient China: (Sinica Leidensia, Volume LVII)

The ancient Chinese believed that human sexuality was analogous to 'cosmic' procreation. They saw absolutely no difference between rain wetting a field and semen fertilizing the womb of a woman, or between a damp soil ready for sowing seed and a moist vagina ready for penetration. Their sexuality was never tainted by morality (guilt) and could never be a sin. The ancient Chinese palette went from the most detailed biological pictures...

Stonewall Strong: Gay Men's Heroic Fight for Resilience, Good Health, and a Strong Community

Longtime Washington, D.C. health journalist John-Manuel Andriote didn’t expect to mark the twenty-fifth year of the HIV-AIDS epidemic in 2006 by coming out in the Washington Post about his own recent HIV diagnosis. For twenty years he had reported on the epidemic as an HIV-negative gay man, as AIDS killed many of his friends and roused gay Americans to action against a government that preferred to ignore their existence. Eight little...

Radical Sex Between Men: Assembling Desiring-Machines

'Mid-century ethnographers mapping the ‘deviant’, exotic, gay subcultures such as cruising, the baths and ‘tearoom’, could not have anticipated the civil liberties discourses that increasingly focused on the person and identities. However, the body and some sexual praxes retain a ‘radical’, transgressive seditious otherness. These sophisticated essays draw on post-structuralism, queer theory and other theoretical perspectives to prov...

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

I am an avid reader and could not even begin to guess how many books I have bought from Amazon and this is the very first review I wrote. That is how strongly I feel about this book. I have now listened to the audible version from start to finish and I am listening to it a second time. In the one week I have been involved with this book, I am amazed how my interactions with people have changed. Just little things from the book will p...

Contextual Embeddedness of Women's Entrepreneurship

"This collection of research studies situates women entrepreneurship within a variety of contexts (e.g., social, political, institutional, religious, patriarchal, cultural, family, economic) that demonstrate the innovative and creative ways that individuals are able to act entrepreneurially. By focusing on such a diverse set of situations in which women start and manage different kinds of businesses and organizations, the book provid...

The Catholic Church on Marital Intercourse

The subtitle of this 2010 work is: "From Confessing Sins to Liberating Consciences." Keenan describes the history of the changes in Catholic moral theology from mid twentieth century to the present. One theme is that moral theology has shifted from acts (sins) to agency (the circumstances, intentions, and experiences of the subject/actor). The moral theologians considered are shown to have moved beyond the "'all too often one-sidedly...