Sexy Bodies: Eine soziologische Reise durch den Geschlechtskörper

In diesem Einführungsbuch werden aktuelle soziologische (handlungstheoretische, phänomenologische und diskurstheoretische) sowie feministische Perspektiven auf den Körper rekonstruiert. Bei der synthetischen Zusammenführung geht es vor allem um eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit Erträgen, Grenzen und Verkürzungen der jeweiligen Perspektive, insbesondere um das gesellschaftstheoretische Defizit gegenwärtiger (sozial-)konstruktivist...

Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head

This book covers a lot of important information for people/couples to consider. I use this book as a tool in psychotherapy homework planning and so much more is is revealed as people try to make sense of what they want or hope to expect. The book covers EVERYTHING! Enjoyed this read a lot. This is a great mix of psychology and just fun erotica. For every odd or uncomfortable fantasy there is a thought provoking analysis. It was very ...

Insult and the Making of the Gay Self

“Best known in the United States for his biography of Michel Foucault, Didier Eribon is well known in France as an eloquent and influential gay critic and advocate. This stunning analysis of the continuing power of antihomosexual insult to shape gay lives shows us why. A tour de force of cultural criticism, erudition, and social engagement, Eribon’s work demonstrates the intellectual breadth and radical potential of queer critique.”—...

Indigenous People

Contents 1 Usages and Customs of the Indigenous Communities in Favour of the Reduction of the Digital Divide: A Case Study of the Ñuu Savi People 2 The Indigenous School: A Space of Ruptures and Tensions within Local Culture 3 Landscape of Resistance: The Fronts of Economic Expansion and the Xavante Indigenous People—Brazil 4 Analysing Environment-Development Interventions Through the Lens of Indigenous People in Cameroon by Mbunya F...

Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style

As a practicing Certified Sex Therapist, I am always on the lookout for a great book to underscore what I try to impart to my clients about healthy sexuality. This book captures the essence! McCarthy and McCarthy divide the book into helpful sections, discussing realistic, positive sexual expression and sexual style in Part I, techniques and attitudes that enhance sexual desire and satisafaction in Part II, ideas for dealing with spe...

Irregular Connections: A History of Anthropology and Sexuality

“Given anthropology’s focus on the intersections between the biological and the cultural one might reasonably expect that it would have a lot to say about sexuality. But instead, anthropology has been accused of avoiding sexuality. . . . Irregular Connections offers a useful corrective to these accounts. . . . Because of the breadth of their review and its historical depth, it is sure to become a common reference for those whose work...

Better Single Than Sorry

I love this book, I still have to finish it but it's a great book. For all you ladies out there still trying to find Mr. Right, you must read this book. It's very enlightening as to the behaviors in dating and what certain signs mean, I've learned a lot reading this book. I'd rather be single then continue to date guys who can't accept me for who I am.

Player's Handbook Volume 1 - Pickup and Seduction Secrets for Men Who Love Women & Sex (and Want More of Both)

You Want to Ask Her Out. It Could Be the Best Night of Your Life…or the Most Embarrassing. Have you ever looked at the guy standing next to a smoking hot babe and thought, "I'm better than him, why does he get to be with a girl like that?" What if I told you that you could easily approach any beautiful girl of your choice, and know exactly what to do and say with complete confidence in order to get that girl to come home with you. Im...

The Anal Sex Position Guide

It's a great book with tasteful photos and good advice. It's a good way to easy a wary but willing partner to try something new and a bit taboo.