Sex as Nature Intended It (2nd Edition)

How does surgical alteration of the penis in infancy (circumcision) affect the sexuality of a man when he becomes an adult?How does the circumcised penis affect the sexual pleasure of the woman on the receiving end? And How does sexual pleasure during intercourse—or a deficiency—affect the love bond of the relationship? This landmark book is the first to detail the many sexual functions and benefits of the male foreskin for both the ...

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Growing numbers of men and their partners are enhancing their sex lives with prostate play. Just as G-spot exploration forever transformed millions of women’s experiences of orgasm, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure offers men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. This light-hearted, accessible guide has all the information you need to find and stimulate the prostate (sometimes called the p-spot or the male g-spot...

Contemporary Sex Offender Risk Management, Volume II

This book, the second of two volumes edited by Kemshall and McCartan, focuses on responses to sexual offending, and how risk is used by policy makers, stakeholders, academics and practitioners to both construct and respond to unknown and known sex offenders within the contexts of criminal justice, health and social policy. The chapters provide an oversight of contemporary policies, practices and debates within the area to help both p...

My Secret Garden

Newly repackaged, the groundbreaking bestseller that explores female sexuality through women's most intimate fantasies. Welcome to Nancy Friday's secret garden, a hidden place where ordinary women are free to express the sexual dreams they have never dared to confide before. Safe behind the walls of anonymity, hundreds of real women responded to Nancy Friday's call for details of their own most private fantasies. My Secret Garden is ...

The Sensual Touch: Lovers' Guide to Massage

Massage celebrates the sensuality of any relationship. There is no better way to give and receive pleasure, to relax, relieve stress and tension, and create the ultimate romantic moment. Massage involves structured touch, a technique which must be learned to be accomplished properly. This authoritative illustrated guide shows how to perform each step to give your partner maximum pleasure. The three basic strokes - effleurage, petriss...

The Post-Fordist Sexual Contract

Working and living in post-Fordism concerns risk and contingency. This collection identifies how the contingent contracting of post-Fordism is shaping new regulatory ideals for women including excessive attachments to work, intensive mothering, entrepreneurship and an investor subjectivity. Lisa Adkins, Maryanne Dever and their fellow author smap these often unattainable ideals as they operate across a range of working and living arr...

Researching Sex and Sexualities

Sexuality is a complex and multifaceted domain, encompassing bodily, cultural, and subjective experiences that resist easy categorization. To claim the sexual as a viable research object therefore raises a number of important methodological questions: What is it possible to know about experiences, practices, and perceptions of sex and sexualities? What approaches might help or hinder our efforts to probe such experiences? This collec...

Further Developments in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, 1980s-2010s

Further Developments in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, 1980s-2010s is the second collection of selected classic articles of the modern era by psychoanalysts identified with the interpersonal perspective. The first, The Interpersonal Perspective in Psychoanalysis, 1960s-1990s presented articles by second and third generation interpersonalists. This book contains those written by the third and fourth generation of interpersonal psychoan...

Messengers of Sex: Hormones, Biomedicine and Feminism

Since the early twentieth century, hormones have commonly been understood as 'messengers of sex'. They are seen as essential to the development and functioning of healthy reproductive male and female bodies; millions take them as medications in the treatment of fertility, infertility and ageing. However, in contemporary society, hormones are both disturbed and disturbing; invading our environments and bodies through plastics, food an...

Intimate Relationships

Intimate Relationships, 3rd editon, by Sharon S. Brehm, Rowland S. Miller, Daniel Perlman, and Susan Campbell preserves the personal appeal of the subject matter and vigorous standards of scholarship that made the earlier editions so successful. Written in a unified voice, this text builds on the reader-friendly tone that was established in the first two editions. It presents the key findings on intimate relationships, the major theo...