Die perfekte Liebhaberin. Sextechniken, die ihn verrückt machen

Vergnüglich bringt Lou Paget ihren Leserinnen Dinge bei, die ihr mehr Selbstbewußtsein in Sachen Sex geben - und von denen 'er' garantiert nie genug bekommt: Zu Beginn stehen Tips für eine erotische Atmosphäre und vielversprechende Kußtechniken im Mittelpunkt. Daß selbst das Benutzen von Kondomen absolut sexy sein kann, ist nur eine von zahlreichen Erfahrungen, die Lou Paget weitergibt. Oral- und Analsex, zwanzig aufregende Spiele mi...

Gleichgeschlechtlich liebende Frauen im Alter: Intersektionalität, Lebenslagen und Antidiskriminierungsempfehlungen

Bärbel S. Traunsteiner erforscht die aktuellen Lebenslagen gleichgeschlechtlicher Frauen über 60 Jahre. Entlang der intersektionalen Schnittstellen von Alter, Geschlecht und sexueller Orientierung analysiert die Autorin die spezifische sozial-strukturelle Positionierung dieser bisher sowohl (sozial‑)politisch als auch wissenschaftlich wenig beachteten Zielgruppe am Beispiel von Österreich. Vielschichtige Einblicke hinsichtlich der ök...

The Education of Eros : A History of Education and the Problem of Adolescent Sexuality

The Education of Eros is the first and only comprehensive history of sexuality education and the “problem” of adolescent sexuality from the mid-20th century to the beginning of the 21st.  It explores how professional health educators, policy makers, and social and religious conservatives differed in their approaches, and battled over what gets taught about sexuality in schools, but all shared a common understanding of the adolescent ...

Sexuality and the Body in the New Religious-Zionist Discourse

“Numerous studies have shown how secular Zionism undertook a revolution with respect to sexuality and the body. But until now, no systematic work has examined religious-Zionism on these questions. Sagi and Englander’s book not only reveals the dynamic way that religious-Zionism has created its own bodily revolution, but also how much contemporary religious discourse around sexuality owes to “virtual Halakhah” on the Internet. This bo...

Toxic Silence: Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston

Toxic Silence: Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston contributes to a growing body of transgender scholarship. This book examines the patriarchal and heteronormative frames within the black community and larger American society that advances the toxic masculinity which violently castigates and threatens the collective embodiment of black transgender women in the USA. Such ...

Sexuation: SIC 3

“Many of today’s leading Lacanians—practicing psychoanalysts as well as cultural theorists—here puzzle out the new riddles of sexuality. Does Lacan’s concept of ‘sexuation’ really answer to feminist and queer discourses on sex and gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, performativity? These provocative essays will begin the debate.”

Who Stole My Mojo?: How to Get It Back and Live, Work and Play Better

Love love love this book !!!! If you are feeling like your motivation is missing and something just isn't right, this is the book for you. I helped me rebuild my Mojo. It has a great spin on every aspect of what you feel like when things are off with your motivation and spunk. I truly love this book. Read a section of it and practice what you learn. I highly recommend taking notes. I am starting my 2nd reading of this awesome book. I...

The Marriage Plot: Or, How Jews Fell in Love with Love, and with Literature

"It is a valuable study for all those interested in the intersection of Jewish Studies, Literary Studies, and Gender Studies. Seidman, an expert in Jewish literature, meticulously analyzes a wide selection of texts in order to discover patterns characteristic for the development of Jewish romantic life in the 19th and 20th century... Seidman's book has a strong critical value, as she questions common assumptions about a linear develo...

Pleasure Exchange (Avon Red)

All she wanted was to write an article that earn her notice as a serious journalist. Cat Nichols never meant to bring negative publicity to her hunky scientist neighbor, Sam York. She certainly never meant to unwittingly launch a public outcry against his work. When experimentation on his project is temporarily halted because of her news story, she does the only thing she can think of to make it up to him - offers herself as his guin...