Better Single Than Sorry

I love this book, I still have to finish it but it's a great book. For all you ladies out there still trying to find Mr. Right, you must read this book. It's very enlightening as to the behaviors in dating and what certain signs mean, I've learned a lot reading this book. I'd rather be single then continue to date guys who can't accept me for who I am.

Player's Handbook Volume 1 - Pickup and Seduction Secrets for Men Who Love Women & Sex (and Want More of Both)

You Want to Ask Her Out. It Could Be the Best Night of Your Life…or the Most Embarrassing. Have you ever looked at the guy standing next to a smoking hot babe and thought, "I'm better than him, why does he get to be with a girl like that?" What if I told you that you could easily approach any beautiful girl of your choice, and know exactly what to do and say with complete confidence in order to get that girl to come home with you. Im...

The Anal Sex Position Guide

It's a great book with tasteful photos and good advice. It's a good way to easy a wary but willing partner to try something new and a bit taboo.

Das Kamasutra: Die Kunst der Sinnlichkeit

Selbst nach fast 2000 Jahren haben die klassischen Texte des "Kamasutra" und des "Ananga Ranga" nichts von ihrer Faszination eingebüßt. Auch heute noch können Paare darin Geheimnisse entdecken, die ihr Liebesleben bereichern. Die internationale Bestsellerautorin Anne Hooper hat diese klassischen Meisterstücke der erotischen Literatur für den modernen Leser aufbereitet und zeitgemäß ergänzt. Die Verbindung von Jahrhunderte alter eroti...

Il metodo Mystery. Un approccio infallibile per sedurre le donne più belle del mondo

«Dimentica i sonetti di Shakespeare, le poesie di Prévert, "Guerra e pace"… se Casanova ci avesse lasciato non soltanto un'autobiografia (incredibilmente popolare ancora oggi) ma una guida dettagliata, passo per passo, sulle sue conquiste sessuali, sarebbe il testo più letto della storia, accanto alle sacre scritture. Che cosa non daresti, tu come qualsiasi uomo, per imparare il segreto per sedurre le donne più belle? Prova solo a pe...

Improving Your Relationship For Dummies

Get your relationship back on track and build firm foundations for the future Everyone knows that true love isn't always easy. From breaking an argument cycle to reining in jealousy or reviving a flagging sex life, we all need some good advice now and again. This reassuring book guides you through washing up maelstroms, major relationship crises and everything in between. So whether you've hit the rocks or simply want to strengthen a...

Mothering Babies in Domestic Violence

'This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone working in the area of mothers and their babies. Within this arena will always be women and their babies living with and attempting to leave situations of domestic violence. Fiona Buchanan provides a challenge and a ‘wake up’ call to workers in the area to explore the ways in which women’s protectiveness is galvanised and demonstrated when living with domestic violence. Working with 16 women to ...

The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom

Claire St. John is a divorced attorney who splits from her high-profile New York life when she learns that her husband is having an affair. Moving back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, Claire decides to give up her life as an attorney and instead decides to take up life as a novelist--an unemployed, inexperienced novelist. Her topic of choice: a self-help novel for men that will help them understand the mystery that is the women's r...