Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality

This is great book, and though it's almost 10 years old now, it's especially important and relevant to contemporary discussions of transgender and identity. I use it in my Philosophy of Science class, and though some of the technical language is challenging, the way that Fausto-Sterling continues to guide us through the larger narrative means that it's still relatively easy to read those sections. I highly recommend it.

Embedded: Confessions of a TV Sex Journalist

Many nonfiction books seem unreal. They're filled with angst and tragedy, or lack the little details that make a scene come to life. Not this one. By turns charming, explicit, embarrassing, touching, funny, and honest, Ross Dale lets readers experience a side of life most people would deny knowing. Lighthearted and very, very personal. I hope to read more from him someday. Embedded is an excellent summer read. Ross Dale masterfully e...

Baubo, la vulve mythique

Une conspiration du silence a oblitéré le rituel, le symbo lisme. la mythologie, et presque la réalité de ce qu'il y a de plus féminin dans le sexe de la femme. Par sa double démar che. mythologique et psychanalytique, Georges Devereux récupère le sens antique de la féminité intime de la femme que l'on n'a pas encore réussi à escamoter intégralement. De la Grèce au lapon, en citant Hésiode et les Pères de l'Eglise, à tra­vers le folk...

Behavior Analysis

This book collects the latest behavior analysis research in different disciplines, including some methods or analysis examples. Many research fields are heading toward more precise process analyses in the era of big data and artificial intelligence. In particular, using innovative methods to analyze different human behaviors as well as understand specific behavioral patterns helps explore the structures and contexts in all kinds of h...

Sex in the Digital Age (Sexualities in Society)

"This book consists of 18 academic studies prepared by scholars ranging from undergraduate and graduate students, lecturers, researchers, and professors from U.S., European and Australian institutions... Each individual study runs a tightly-packed 10 pages or so... and share a common academic rigor, grounded in detailed analyses and innumerable references to prior studies. Most informative, many of the articles include materials from...

The Orgasm Loop: The No-Fail Technique for Reaching Orgasm During Sex

I first started reading and thought it was new age silly. Picture a flower? A ball of fire? Yeah, right. Then I found an image that appealed to me and it worked, while masturbating. It hasn't made partner sex better or given me multiple orgasms, but has made me come faster during masterbation, a great start! This book has brought a substantive change to my life and I appreciate her "out of the box" thinking.

The Love Trauma Syndrome

Love is one of the most exhilarating emotions we experience—unfortunately, it is also one of the most painful and sometimes traumatic. The unresolved emotional scars from a broken heart can manifest as a “love trauma syndrome.” Until now, a love trauma was thought to precipitate other common psychiatric conditions, such as depression or adjustment disorders, but these generic psychiatric ailments are not adequate for articulating the...

A History of Women: From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints

Informed by the work of seventy-five distinguished historians, this five-volume series sets before us an engaging, panoramic chronicle that extends from antiquity to the present day. The inaugural volume brings women from the margins of ancient history into the fore. It offers fresh insight into more than twenty centuries of Greek and Roman history and encompasses a landscape that stretches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean and...

Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch

Thanks Dr. Patti for writing a great book about an intimate subject. I've learned so much from it that it's worth much more than the price of the book. My wife and I will be on a long journey of exploration and bliss thanks to your wonderful book. Clearly a very good book for anyone who is trying to improve his/her sexual life by dissolving beliefs that create distancing and bad communication and atunement across the intimate couple....

Sexual Life in Ancient China: (Sinica Leidensia, Volume LVII)

The ancient Chinese believed that human sexuality was analogous to 'cosmic' procreation. They saw absolutely no difference between rain wetting a field and semen fertilizing the womb of a woman, or between a damp soil ready for sowing seed and a moist vagina ready for penetration. Their sexuality was never tainted by morality (guilt) and could never be a sin. The ancient Chinese palette went from the most detailed biological pictures...