The Shadow Of The White Rose: Edward Courtenay, Earl Of Devon 1526-1556

56206ed60bb76.jpg Author James D. Taylor Jr.
Isbn 978-0875864730
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Year 2006
Pages 248
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Book Description:

One life may reflect all the tempestuous turbulence of an era. Edward Courtenay spent his life in the best prisons and palaces.

Mary Tudor finally released him from the Tower when she seized the throne from Jane Grey after only a nine-day reign. Sometimes referred to as the White Rose because he was the last descendant of the Plantagenets (through his grandmother Catherine, daughter of King Edward IV), Courtenay was soon regarded as a worthy husband for Mary.

After he repeatedly rejecting all advances of marriage to Mary and showed no interest in the prospect of being king, it was decided that he should marry Elizabeth, who was next in the order of succession to the crown; but Courtenay showed no interest in that prospect either.

Mary then announced her choice for a husband was Prince Philip of Spain. This was not a popular choice with many in the realm and led to the Wyatt rebellion, in which Mary was almost removed from the throne by force (Courtenay and Elizabeth were to reign in her place).

Courtenay was again imprisoned but based only on suspicion, as any evidence that could be used against him was altered or destroyed.

Released about a year later, he was sent out of England where he traveled through France, Belgium, and Germany and finally arrived in Italy where his activities will most likely remain enshrouded in the shadow of the White Rose.



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