Shavelings in Death Camps: A Polish Priest's Memoir of Imprisonment by the Nazis, 1939-1945

581200543602f.jpg Author Henry M. Malak
Isbn 9780786470570
File size 5MB
Year 2012
Pages 418
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

Book Description:

Catholic priests all across Poland were arrested and sent to Nazi concentration camps at the beginning of World War II. This memoir by Fr. Henryk Maria Malak (1912-1987) is their story and his. Through the author's eyes we witness the German invasion, atrocities against the local population, and the roundup of priests from the region. A series of "transports" takes them to Stutthof and Grenzdorf in Poland, then to Sachsenhausen and Dachau in Germany. Fr. Malak spent more than four years at Dachau, and he describes camp life in detail. (His final chapters are entries from a diary he kept secretly near the end of the war.) Some priests are selected for medical experiments; others are sent on "death transports." Throughout their ordeal they face brutal treatment, hard labor, hunger, disease. Although many perish along the way, all remain steadfast in their faith and in their loyalty to Poland.



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