Shooter’s Bible Guide To Tactical Firearms: A Comprehensive Guide To Precision Rifles And Long-range Shooting Gear

5668fe8780528.jpg Author Robert A. Sadowski
Isbn 978-1632205346
File size 66 MB
Year 2015
Pages 432
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Military

Book Description:

Long range shooting in the United States is as old as this country is young. Shooters have always had a fascination with shooting at distance, whether they are plinkers, competitive shooters, or hunters. The ability to place rifle bullets in the same hole of a target or kill an animal quickly is a goal to which we all aspire. In recent years the interest in tactical precision rifles has increased, with many factory and custom rifle makers plying their art producing rifles that can easily outperform the ability of many shooters. Expert Robert A. Sadowski proves to be a masterful instructor on all aspects related to precision shooting in the Shooter’s Bible Guide to Tactical Firearms.

This Shooter’s Bible guide will help new and experienced shooters in making smart equipment purchases that range from rifles and optics to ammunition and gear. The shooting school section provides instructions for those of us who have had no formal training. For experienced shooters, having current information on hand in one place can be an invaluable resource. And no Shooter’s Bible guidebook is complete without a detailed products section showcasing rifles from all across the market.

Other topics covered include:
Top 10 long-range rifles
Precision rifle maintenance
Anatomy of a riflescope
Shooting technique, positions, and drills
And much more!

Pick up a copy of the Shooter’s Bible Guide to Tactical Firearms to learn everything you need to know about precision, long-range shooting.



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