Shotokan Karate International Kata. Volume 1

004ec45f_medium Author Hirokazu Kanazawa
Isbn 4262168514
File size 190.75MB
Year 1991
Pages 278
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

This is a book for all Shotokan students to have from the master kata man, his kicks, mind and spirit full details into the Karate World!

I started out with Tsutomu Ohshima's translation of Karate Do Kyohan through SKA, then came across these years later throuhg SKIF before they were widely avaible to people outside Kanazawa's own organization. Both volumes include kata not covered in Karate Do Kyohan. When reviewing/learning Dan Grade kata, I often review these as well as Eoneda's kata books, and Karate Do Kyohan to get a well rounded view of the kata. Well worth having in any Shotokan practitioners library, even those not in SKIF. Pretty durable, even if soft bound due to the heavy laminated covers.



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