Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project

588365bba9e59.jpeg Author Seyedreza Fattahzadeh
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Year 2015
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Book Description:

Getting this manual will make you able of designing and implementing a four-floor elevator control system. This comes as a microcontroller based system of my previous PLC based project (Programming a 4 Floor Elevator with SIMATIC S7-300 or LOGO). Note: By searching “simple Arduino based 4 floor elevator project” on YouTube, you will be able to watch a smoothly functioning prototype based off this manual. Developing this project will give you an idea to either how to implement a relatively complex end year college project or give you enough hands on experience to apply for an entry level job on application of Microcontrollers with full confidence. In this text we will learn the circuit design for a 4 Floor Elevator Control on how to develop a four stories passenger lift or cargo lift using an ATmega16 Microcontroller. This text consists of two main chapters:
Chapter 1 is devoted to the design and implementation of a simple 4 Floor Elevator Control system using an ATmega16 microcontroller. The main control program solution is prepared in C language using CodevisionAVR ® software. In addition, the schematic of all the hardware used in project is provided in the text.
Chapter 2 is devoted to redesigning the same lift system using the Arduino Mega development board, which is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller.
Sending an e-mail at [email protected] with a proof of purchase will get you the main code for both projects. They come real handy when something does not work in your developed code. This project is about the model of a simple lift or elevator for a building, which is assumed to have four floors. Each floor has its own illuminated push button to call and send the elevator to the desired location. The door is emulated with the use of a small 5V DC motor which stays open for 5 seconds, and then closing the door, making the elevator ready to execute the given command. Also, a 5V DC motor is used to emulate a hoist motor, which rotates a small disk clockwise or anticlockwise over four slotted optocouplers to generate stop signals. The code generated for this small 4 Floor lift system has been adapted to control the same system for an Arduino board. You are presented with a step-by-step guide that will aid in coming up with the hardware and software for the implementation of the lift system. My past experience has lead to the writing of this text. I thought it was not a bad idea to show how the same design guides can be used to implement the same system, this time with a Microcontroller instead. Being able to create the control software for a simple elevator system in the complexity that this project provides will sure demonstrate you know what you are talking about when it comes to programming any kind of microcontroller.



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