Slouching toward Zion and More Lies

5c2dbd155c461.jpg Author Kyle Childress and Robert Flynn
Isbn 9781574411836
File size 5.0MB
Year 2004
Pages 208
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

Robert Flynn has gathered twenty-three stories that have hope, faith, and love as their common denominator. They are funny, political, and more than a bit prophetic as well as being superbly crafted.

Included in the collection are “The Rest of the Story,” wherein the author retells select Biblical stories and parables supplying heretofore expurgated details with an exquisitely agonizing truth; “Ten Mistakes God Made,” which treats with candor religious politics, elitism, and the unexplained nature of what makes us believe; “The Trouble with Eve” and “Redemption,” which are at heart stories of how one grapples with, avoids, questions, and finally resigns to—love; and “Chicken Soup for the Damned,” a fable cum corporate biography retelling of the Savior’s story.



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