WinWord 2 für Power User

Dieses Buch beginnt da, wo andere - auch das Handbuch - aufh|ren: im Mittelpunkt steht der Einsatz von WinWord 2.0 im "Schwerlastverkehr" beim Erstellen technischer, wissenschaftlicher und publizistischer Texte. Wichtige Themen wie Organisation umfangreicher Texte, Einbindung von Bildern und Tabellen, Formeln, Druckformatvorlagen, Indexerstellung und vieles mehr werden kompetent und praxisnah erl{utert. Der Bogen spannt sich von spez...

CentOS 7 Linux Server Cookbook - Second Edition

Over 80 recipes to get up and running with CentOS 7 Linux server About This Book A practical guide to install, configure, administer and maintain CentOS 7 servers An in-depth guide to the CentOS 7 operating system, exploring its various new features and changes in server administration Presents tricks and solutions to tackle common server issues with the help of practical examples and real-life scenarios Who This Book Is For This boo...

Excel Shortcut Bible: Learn 260 Powerful Shortcuts For 200 Common Tasks

The most comprehensive Excel shortcut book ever. Systematically learn 260 Excel shortcuts, and tools to master over 2000 more. Plus free Excel download of over 2,250 Excel shortcuts. Do you work a lot in Excel? Always feel pressed for time? Wish you could go faster? The Excel Shortcut Bible is for you. This most comprehensive and well-organized book of its kind employs a systematic approach to learning shortcuts. You'll become more e...

IBM Data Engine for Hadoop and Spark

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides topics to help the technical community take advantage of the resilience, scalability, and performance of the IBM Power SystemsTM platform to implement or integrate an IBM Data Engine for Hadoop and Spark solution for analytics solutions to access, manage, and analyze data sets to improve business outcomes. This book documents topics to demonstrate and take advantage of the analytics strengths ...

How to Do Linguistics with R : Data Exploration and Statistical Analysis

This book provides a linguist with a statistical toolkit for exploration and analysis of linguistic data. It employs R, a free software environment for statistical computing, which is increasingly popular among linguists. How to do Linguistics with R: Data exploration and statistical analysis is unique in its scope, as it covers a wide range of classical and cutting-edge statistical methods, including different flavours of regression...

Prezi Essentials

Create dynamic, engaging, and beautiful presentations on your journey through PreziAbout This Book Learn how to breathe new life into your old slides by importing them into Prezi Create dynamic presentations in Prezi using your own custom content, which may be developed externally Discover how to collaborate on presentations with clients and colleagues across both geographical locations and time zones Who This Book Is For If you want...

Financial Modeling in Excel For Dummies

Make informed business decisions with the beginner's guide to financial modeling using Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling in Excel For Dummies is your comprehensive guide to learning how to create informative, enlightening financial models today. Not a math whiz or an Excel power-user? No problem! All you need is a basic understanding of Excel to start building simple models with practical hands-on exercises and before you know it, y...

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Financial Management, Second Edition

Boost your accounting and financial skills with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 About This Book Understand Microsoft Dynamics AX financial management and successfully configure and set up your software Manage the AX 2012 R3 financial module with the help of highly useful tips and tricks Administer customer relations and plan enterprise resources with this systematic guide Who This Book Is For This book is intended for application consu...

OpenCV Essentials

Acquire, process, and analyze visual content to build full-fledged imaging applications using OpenCVAbout This Book Create OpenCV programs with a rich user interface Develop real-world imaging applications using free tools and libraries Understand the intricate details of OpenCV and its implementation using easy-to-follow examples Who This Book Is For This book is intended for C++ developers who want to learn how to implement the mai...

Learning Android Application Testing, Second Edition

Improve your Android applications through intensive testing and debugging About This Book Focus on Android instrumentation testing to ensure full application coverage Apply testing techniques and utilize tools to improve Android application development Build intensively tested and bug free Android applications Who This Book Is For If you are an Android developer looking to test your applications or optimize your application developme...