Applying Data Science : Business Case Studies Using SAS

Many (or even most) people think about two things when they hear the term 'Data Science': machine learning and predictive analytics. If you're one of those people, I urge you to get your hands on this book and embrace yourself for an exciting journey into the 'real' world of data science. What Gerhard Svolba pulled off in this book is amazing: write a book that is based on a large collection of relevant business cases, provide the te...

Infographics Powered by SAS

"This resource-rich book proves that, wherever you may be on the infographics journey, "SAS can do anything" by educating, guiding and inspiring you in your data-driven analytics process." -- Michelle Homes, Metacoda "Australia"

Practical and Efficient SAS Programming : The Insider's Guide

If you've ever tried to figure out how to transform your SAS data set with some sort of PROC SQL step and were confounded on what to do after studying hundreds of niche, arcane solutions showcased in StackExchange, the SAS forums, or in a SUGI paper written by (well-intentioned) SAS Jedis, this is the book for you. The book is less about how certain functions work in SAS and more about how you can use them to turn you into an effecti...

Multistate Models for the Analysis of Life History Data

"This is a very nice book that does not exist on the market yet, and the multistate models for example are not well covered in terms of text books. We here have a book that really takes the multistate aspect seriously and provides many genuine examples that are discussed in depth. I cannot recall seeing examples in such depth in other books that deal with similar topics. This is not easy to do but the authors succeed in this fully." ...

Typesetting Tables with LaTeX

Lamport's LaTeX is where you should start with tables. You can go far with simple tables but if you are doing something unusual, I recommend Voss, who provides many helpful examples. Crib, steal, copy, modify; its so much easier to do that than create a not-so-simple all by yourself. This clearly is a specialists book, but if you have unusual tables, it greatly simplifies the learning/development curve

Upgrading and Migrating to BizTalk Server 2016

There are a variety of considerations you'll need to take into account when migrating your solutions to BizTalk 2016. In this book, you'll find detailed information about how to migrate your components "as-is", as well as recompile them with the latest version of Visual Studio. You'll look at ways to improve your components pre-migration, as well as troubleshoot issues within these components. You'll learn how to make intelligent map...

Demystifying OWL for the Enterprise

This book addresses an important need: making OWL, the Semantic Web modeling language, understandable. Many people are attracted to OWL but get discouraged when they find it doesn’t work the way they expect it to. This is partially because it requires a shift in thinking, and partly because there are some complexities in the spec. This book will help practitioners work through those difficulties. Dr. Uschold introduces all the concep...

Data Analysis with Small Samples and Non-Normal Data

"Aimed at researchers in the social sciences, education, and public health who are often unfamiliar with nonparametric procedures, this unique reference guide provides the essential methods and tools necessary to fill that gap. Whether dealing with small data sets or working with samples that are not normally distributed, the researcher will find here simple access to appropriate nonparametric techniques, with guidance to a clear ste...

The Internet of Things in the Modern Business Environment

The industrial internet is a new and upcoming technology that is changing the practices of organizations and corporations everywhere. Through research and application, opportunities can arise from implementing these new systems and devices. The Internet of Things in the Modern Business Environment is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on varying aspects of the interworking of smart devices within a busine...

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

This book is a little older than I expect. They do most of the examples in iOS 7. However, you can still jail break iOS 8.3 and run the examples. If you are a current iOS 9 user I don't know what the fate of jail breaking will be with OS. I would do research on it prior to purchasing. Even if you don't do the examples / tutorials. It is a very enlightening read about Apple products. You should read just for the knowledge.