Dvd- Player By Burkhard Müller

Es ist tatsächlich wahr: Mit den Tipps aus diesem Buch habe ich viele Filme auf meinem DVD-Player zum Laufen gebracht, die vorher absolut nicht gingen. Wenn die Prozeduren auch manchmal etwas mit Arbeit verbunden sind. Sehr gut fand ich auch die Erklärungen zu den Hintergründen von MPEG4, obwohl es hier ruhig etwas mahr sein könnte. Wer MPEG4 richtig verstehen will, kommt um diese Grundlagen nicht herum. Auch die Tipps zum Synchronis...

Clock Generators For Soc Processors: Circuits And Architectures (text, Speech & Language Technology)

This book examines the issue of design of fully integrated frequency synthesizers suitable for system-on-a-chip (SOC) processors. This book takes a more global design perspective in jointly examining the design space at the circuit level as well as at the architectural level. The coverage of the book is comprehensive and includes summary chapters on circuit theory as well as feedback control theory relevant to the operation of phase ...

Catia V5-6r2015 Basics Part Ii: Part Modeling

This book is a continuation of CATIA V5-6R2015-Part I. The topics covered in this book are listed below: Basic Sketch Based Features • Pad • Shaft • Project 3D Elements • The Plane command • Offset from plane • Parallel through Point • Through three points • Through two lines • Through point and line • Through planar curve • Normal to curve • Tangent to surface • Equation • Mean through points • Coordinates • On curve • On Plane • On...

Microsoft Word And Excel 2013: Pocket Primer

Microsoft Word/Excel 2013 Pocket Primer joins others in the 'Pocket Primer' series and provides an overview of the major concepts involved in using Word and Excel's 2013 versions. But it's not just a written exploration: an accompanying tutorial video offers applications as it gives directions for both Windows and Mac users and reviews the basics of how Word and Excel work on and off the Cloud environment. From advanced word processi...

Building Interactive Systems: Principles For Human-computer Interaction (advanced Topics)

This innovative text focuses on the architectures, mathematics, and algorithms that are integral to creating reliable user interfaces. The first sixteen chapters cover the concepts required for current graphical user interfaces, including specific emphasis on the Model-View-Controller architecture. The second part of the book provides an overview of key research areas in interactive systems, with a focus on the algorithms required to...

Google Tips & Tricks Volume 2 Second Revised Edition

Google are full of surprises. Very few companies can cause such discussion when they change their logo. But there is far more to Google than meets the eye and this book aims to take you through the depths of the Google Ocean so you'll never have to 'google it' ever again.