Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

This book is a little older than I expect. They do most of the examples in iOS 7. However, you can still jail break iOS 8.3 and run the examples. If you are a current iOS 9 user I don't know what the fate of jail breaking will be with OS. I would do research on it prior to purchasing. Even if you don't do the examples / tutorials. It is a very enlightening read about Apple products. You should read just for the knowledge.

SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform

If you were wondering how SharePoint works, this is the book. It's like having your own expert developer sitting next to you! Most books get long winded and feel like they have to pad things out. This one is quick, to the point, what to look out for, what to do. Just an excellent source for the developer strapped with having to get it done!

Free Software, the Internet, and Global Communities of Resistance

This book explores software's pivotal role as the code that powers computers, mobile devices, the Internet, and social media. Creating conditions for the ongoing development and use of software, including the Internet as a communications infrastructure, is one of the most compelling issues of our time. Free software is based upon open source code, developed in peer communities as well as corporate settings, challenging the dominance ...

Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers : Building Apps with AWS

A practical, real-world introduction to AWS tools and concepts Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS presents a professional view of cloud computing and AWS for experienced iOS/Android developers and technical/solution architects. Cloud computing is a rapidly expanding ecosystem, and working professionals need a practical resource to bring them up-to-date on tools that are rapidly becoming indispensable; t...

What Is Cybersecurity? (Let's Find Out! Computer Science)

Inexperienced users of computers often jump at the chance to click colorful flashing ads on the sidebar and are also tempted to download files from sites not worthy of trust. In short, people need to learn how to stay safe online. This book will introduce readers to different types of online threats, including viruses and malware. They will learn how different dangers spread and some basic steps to stop or prevent them. Additionally,...

Managerial Decision Modeling : Business Analytics with Spreadsheets, Fourth Edition

I liked the fact that the problems illustrated in the book were the same problems the professor used in his class. If you did the odd problems at the end of each chapter (whose answers were in an addendum at the end of the book), you had a preview of the problems on the next test. This book fills a void for a balanced approach to spreadsheet-based decision modeling. In addition to using spreadsheets as a tool to quickly set up and so...

Introducing Autodesk Inventor 2009 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2009

As a Certified Autodesk Instructor for over 15 years, I found this manual to be an excellent resource for an introduction to Autodesk Inventor 3D solid modeling and 2D documentation in general. As a user of Autodesk Inventor for over 10 years; I believe this publication provides very intuitive insight to the philosophy and recommended approach to modeling and drawing creation within Autodesk Inventor. The examples used in the book us...

MATLAB for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students and Professionals: With Simulink

This book combines the teaching of the MATLAB® programming language with the presentation and development of carefully selected electrical and computer engineering (ECE) fundamentals. This is what distinguishes it from other books concerned with MATLAB®: it is directed specifically to ECE concerns. Students will see, quite explicitly, how and why MATLAB® is well suited to solve practical ECE problems. This book is intended primari...

Excel JavaScript UDFs : Straight to the Point

Excel users are used to build custom functions—called user-defined functions (UDFs)—in Windows and Mac versions of the application. UDFs can be simply written in Visual Basic Editor (VBE) using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language. UDFs are not portable to Excel Online and Excel for iOS due to the missing VBA capability on these platforms. Therefore, Microsoft has improved the JavaScript API that was already being used fo...