Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel, Global Edition

This book is a powerhouse of information along the lines of the subject matter. In places, the book is very wordy and complicated, but that is what Professors, Instructors, Teachers and your math tutor are for should you get lost in the text. Eventhough my class is over, I am continuing on with the book due to how important the subject matter is to me. This book seems to have everything but the kitchen sink. The on-line material that...

Advanced Guide to Windows 10 (2017)

The Advanced Guide to Windows 10 is all about giving you the tools to take full advantage of everything Windows has to offer! From maintaining and optimising your key hardware, to delving under the hood of the operating system with tweaks and mods. There is something here for anyone who wants to go beyond being able to send an email and browse the Internet. Filled to bursting with expert advice and invaluable time saving shortcuts, t...

Qualitative Text Analysis

Not since Miles and Huberman (1995) have we had such an insightful, original discussion of qualitative data analysis as we have here by Kuckartz.  Kuckartz′s approach is both tangible and concrete, filled with practical phases in the qualitative text analysis process.  His three types of text analysis – thematic, evaluative, and type-building – provide useful options for analysis that I will recommend to my students.  When he links t...

CorelDRAW X7: The Official Guide

Detailed process book, requires reading (illustrations included not always enlightening) and extensive use of the index needed to comprehend program. Terms in index don't always reveal answer, but otherwise worth acquiring. Online tie in with Corel website is of value.

Integration Patterns (Patterns & Practices)

This book has good explanation about integration patterns that can be applied in designing solutions using BizTalk Server. Integration & patterns Using patterns to design the baseline architecture Integrating layer System connections Integration topologies Additional integration patterns Project notebook

Databases Demystified

Anyone needing a quick and easy introduction to the field will find this paperback a valuable resource. Moreover, MySQL and Access (TM, Microsoft) are acceptable and used in examples. The former is a free open source download and the latter is a common component of Microsoft's Office suite of products. However, Microsoft has its own (non-standard and extended) version of SQL. Nevertheless, you'll gain much from Andy Oppel's simple in...

An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics

An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics: How to Explore Numbers, Design Reports, and Gain Insight into Your Data is an extremely useful combination of an introduction to SAS Visual Analytics, visualization best practices, tips and tricks, and tutorials on how to put it all together to present your data in the most effective and efficient ways possible within SAS Visual Analytics. It is great for newcomers to SAS Visual Analytics, as ...

Working with Odoo 10 - Second Edition

Table of Contents Setting Up Odoo 10 Installing Your First Application Exploring Customer Relationship Management in Odoo 10 Purchasing with Odoo Making Goods with Manufacturing Resource Planning Configuring Accounting Finance Administering an Odoo Installation Implementing the Human Resources Application Understanding Project Management Creating Advanced Searches and Dashboards Building a Website with Odoo Implementing E-Commerce wi...

Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS®, Third Edition

Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS, Third Edition, shows popular coding techniques to help users turn messy data into reliable information. This book is well written, contains comprehensive examples, and the one I turn to when I need advice about data cleaning techniques. It is an excellent addition to my personal SAS library.