Enhancing Software Fault Prediction With Machine Learning

Software development and design is an intricate and complex process that requires a multitude of steps to ultimately create a quality product. One crucial aspect of this process is minimizing potential errors through software fault prediction. Enhancing Software Fault Prediction With Machine Learning: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an innovative source of material on the latest advances and strategies for software quality pre...

Biostatistics by Example Using SAS Studio

As a data analyst for a major hospital, I rely on SAS to produce high-quality, accurate analyses quickly and with minimal amount of frustration. Ron Cody is in the rare breed of authors that takes complex ideas and distills them down to the bare essentials. He does this without any of the scary math formulae, complicated jargon, or anything else that distracts me from getting a solid understanding of the concept quickly. This is a sp...

Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Third Edition

Art Carpenter is one of the best teachers and lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So, it is not surprising that the same abilities that make him a great teacher and lecturer also make him a superb author. His latest book, Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, 3rd edition is proof of his teaching skills. Art is an accomplished author and has a writing style that makes you feel that you are in a classroom...

Handbook of Research on Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications for Business Intelligence

The development of business intelligence has enhanced the visualization of data to inform and facilitate business management and strategizing. By implementing effective data-driven techniques, this allows for advance reporting tools to cater to company-specific issues and challenges. The Handbook of Research on Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications for Business Intelligence is a key resource on the latest advancements in b...

Multiple Time Series Modeling Using the SAS VARMAX Procedure

Aimed at econometricians who have completed at least one course in time series modeling, Multiple Time Series Modeling Using the SAS VARMAX Procedure will teach you the time series analytical possibilities that SAS offers today. Estimations of model parameters are now performed in a split second. For this reason, working through the identifications phase to find the correct model is unnecessary. Instead, several competing models can ...

Structural Equation Modeling With AMOS, 3rd edition

"Dr. Byrne writes at a perfect level which is friendly to the novice, but also makes it clear that this is an advanced technique that the reader will benefit from learning. ...The audiences that I think would be attracted to this book [are] faculty/researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students. ... Many of my past students have retained their edition of the text for future reference." – Brian Lawton, George Mason Universi...

Touch Typing Made Simple

This is a great book for beginners. My husband, who is 95, wanted to learn how to type. I purchased this book for him and he found it very easy to follow, and guess what! He is typing paragraphs now. He is thrilled that he can now type correctly and is gaining speed each day. I am thrilled, because the book was so easy for him to follow. You have two extremely happy customers! We would highly recommend this book, and the shipper, bec...

Feature Dimension Reduction for Content-Based Image Identification

Image data has portrayed immense potential as a foundation of information for numerous applications. Recent trends in multimedia computing have witnessed a rapid growth in digital image collections, resulting in a need for increased image data management. Feature Dimension Reduction for Content-Based Image Identification is a pivotal reference source that explores the contemporary trends and techniques of content-based image recognit...

Troubleshooting SharePoint

This is actually the second book I've purchased from this author. His first book, "Building a SharePoint 2016 Home Lab: A How-To Reference on Simulating a Realistic SharePoint Testing Environment" helped jump start a test lab at my work. This enabled me to be able to test various things in SharePoint 2016 such as patch updates and PowerShell scripts without having to run them on a live environment. It was very informative. Knowing wh...

Applying Data Science : Business Case Studies Using SAS

Many (or even most) people think about two things when they hear the term 'Data Science': machine learning and predictive analytics. If you're one of those people, I urge you to get your hands on this book and embrace yourself for an exciting journey into the 'real' world of data science. What Gerhard Svolba pulled off in this book is amazing: write a book that is based on a large collection of relevant business cases, provide the te...