Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition

5854fa0595ca7.jpg Author Michael Carter and Stephen P. Bentley
Isbn 9781119130871
File size 2.76MB
Year 2016
Pages 248
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition

Michael Carter, Geotechnical Consultant (Retired), UK

Stephen P Bentley, Reader in Engineering Geology, Cardiff University, UK

An essential guide to improving preliminary geotechnical analysis and design from limited data

Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition provides a summary of commonly-used soil engineering properties and gives a wide range of correlations between the various properties, presented in the context of how they will be used in geotechnical design.

The book is divided into 11 chapters: Commonly-measured properties; Grading and plasticity; Density; Permeability, Consolidation and settlement; Shear strength; California bearing ratio; Shrinkage and swelling characteristics; Frost susceptibility; Susceptibility to combustion; and Soil-structure interfaces. In addition, there are two appendices: Soil classification systems; and Sampling methods.

This new, more comprehensive, edition provides material that would be of practical assistance to those faced with the problem of having to estimate soil behaviour from little or no laboratory test data.

Key features:

• Soil properties explained in practical terms.

• A large number of correlations between different soil properties.

• A valuable aid for assessing design values of properties.

• Clear statements on practical limitations and accuracy.

An invaluable source of reference for experienced professionals working on geotechnical design, it will also give students and early-career engineers an in-depth appreciation of the appropriate use of each property and the pitfalls to avoid.




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