Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft

566d671954c51.jpeg Author Dmitriy Komissarov and Yefim Gordon
Isbn 978-1902109183
File size 380 Mb
Year 2011
Pages 320
Language English
File format PDF
Category Military

Book Description:

Absolutely worth the money. Very professional writing, good photos and really tech views.
If you are like I am, passionate about military aircraft definitively worth having.

This book gives us a well documented and researched look into an area of aviation that is often overlooked. The authors know their subject and do a good job conveying that knowledge! This book would be a good addition to the shelf of the aviation historian, Soviet and Russian aircraft enthusiast, anyone with an interest in research aircraft as well as modelers who are looking to build “something different” than your standard civil or military aircraft! I recommend this to all of the above.

Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft investigates all categories of test and research aircraft: engine testbeds including the Il-76LL and Tu-16LL, radar testbeds such as the SL-18P based on the well-known Il-18 airliner; electronic warfare system testbeds such as the Il-76-11, and those for weapons, aerodynamics, and control configured vehicles like the LMK-2405.


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