Baubo, la vulve mythique

Une conspiration du silence a oblitéré le rituel, le symbo lisme. la mythologie, et presque la réalité de ce qu'il y a de plus féminin dans le sexe de la femme. Par sa double démar che. mythologique et psychanalytique, Georges Devereux récupère le sens antique de la féminité intime de la femme que l'on n'a pas encore réussi à escamoter intégralement. De la Grèce au lapon, en citant Hésiode et les Pères de l'Eglise, à tra­vers le folk...

The Orgasm Loop: The No-Fail Technique for Reaching Orgasm During Sex

I first started reading and thought it was new age silly. Picture a flower? A ball of fire? Yeah, right. Then I found an image that appealed to me and it worked, while masturbating. It hasn't made partner sex better or given me multiple orgasms, but has made me come faster during masterbation, a great start! This book has brought a substantive change to my life and I appreciate her "out of the box" thinking.

Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch

Thanks Dr. Patti for writing a great book about an intimate subject. I've learned so much from it that it's worth much more than the price of the book. My wife and I will be on a long journey of exploration and bliss thanks to your wonderful book. Clearly a very good book for anyone who is trying to improve his/her sexual life by dissolving beliefs that create distancing and bad communication and atunement across the intimate couple....

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science

The best-selling author of Stiff turns her outrageous curiosity and infectious wit on the most alluring scientific subject of all: sex. The study of sexual physiology—what happens, and why, and how to make it happen better—has been a paying career or a diverting sideline for scientists as far-ranging as Leonardo da Vinci and James Watson. The research has taken place behind the closed doors of laboratories, brothels, MRI centers, pig...

Sex: How To Satisfy A Woman in Bed

Are you having trouble pleasing your woman, or losing steam in the bedroom, leaving her dissatisfied? It happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to. Neither of you have to go on with subpar sexual experiences. There are many tips and tricks out there that promise to make you a better lover, but none of which are as comprehensive and proven to work as the tips as the Sex Guide: How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed. We will teach you h...

365 Sex Thrills: Positions, Tricks and Techniques for an Erotic Year

Spice up every night of the year with 365 sex thrills. This book offering everything from sizzling new positions and orgasmic sex-toy play to kinky foreplay to set the mood. Open to a page, any page, and you’ll light the fire. • Take the naughty out of the bedroom and into the boardroom with Desk Duty • Introduce some sizzling foreplay—removing everything piece by piece—to let the fire burn red hot with Slow Strip • Who’s been a bad ...

Better Sex Through Yoga

Bring the ancient practice of yoga from the mat into the bedroom—with electrifying results! There’s no doubt about it: Yoga is sexy. With skimpy yoga outfits, graceful moves, deep breathing, and poses like Downward Dog, it’s no wonder yoga can leave you feeling a little turned on. Now the Better Sex Through Yoga program allows you to bring that yoga-sexiness right into the bedroom—and take your sex drive to unimaginable new heights. ...

Sex as Nature Intended It (2nd Edition)

How does surgical alteration of the penis in infancy (circumcision) affect the sexuality of a man when he becomes an adult?How does the circumcised penis affect the sexual pleasure of the woman on the receiving end? And How does sexual pleasure during intercourse—or a deficiency—affect the love bond of the relationship? This landmark book is the first to detail the many sexual functions and benefits of the male foreskin for both the ...

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Growing numbers of men and their partners are enhancing their sex lives with prostate play. Just as G-spot exploration forever transformed millions of women’s experiences of orgasm, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure offers men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. This light-hearted, accessible guide has all the information you need to find and stimulate the prostate (sometimes called the p-spot or the male g-spot...

Best Sex Ever: The Ultimate Guide to Positions, Techniques, Toys, and Games

You can have incredible sex! Best Sex Ever is your complete guide to amazing sex. Written by internationally-renowned author Susan Crain Bakos, this book will intensify the sex you’re having, and open your mind to new and exciting techniques with unimaginable results. After you read this book, every stroke, flick, pinch, bite, and kiss will have a purpose, and every one of them will drive your partner wild. In these pages you'll disc...