Margaret Mead Made Me Gay: Personal Essays, Public Ideas

Margaret Mead Made Me Gay is the intellectual autobiography of cultural anthropologist Esther Newton, a pioneer in gay and lesbian studies. Chronicling the development of her ideas from the excitement of early feminism in the 1960s to friendly critiques of queer theory in the 1990s, this collection covers a range of topics such as why we need more precise sexual vocabularies, why there have been fewer women doing drag than men, and h...

Architecture and Politics in Republican Rome

This book provides an authoritative account of the relationship between the architecture of Republican Rome and its politics. It covers the early Republic, the plebeians' struggle for equality, the years of Mediterranean expansion, and the gradual unraveling of senatorial control. The book closes with the dictatorship of Caesar, the first Republican to propose large-scale city planning. 'Davies provides what amounts to a definitive a...

The Political Economy of Public Debt: Three Centuries of Theory and Evidence

'Salsman provides a very insightful integration of the history of public debt and the primary theories regarding the consequences of governmental debt. His discussion of economic laws and political science raise a clear issue about the relationship of unrestricted democracy and unrestricted public debt. This book is an important contribution to understanding an issue that will have significant impact on the future of western civiliza...

Masculinities, Gender Relations, and Sport

I was hired in 1982 as an assistant professor. I left a joint appointment between Sociology and African-American Studies to join the D′Youville faculty. At D′Youville I was provided the opportunity to teach across disciplines and the freedom to pursue an aggressive research and writing agenda. My lifelong intellectual passion has been to understand gender relations. Sociology is the most comprehensive knowledge framework to explore t...

Exploring Public Relations, 3 edition

Exploring Public Relations is the definitive academic text on Public Relations. Now in its third edition, the book is essential reading on courses in PR at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It continues to provide a critical analysis of the subject and a sophisticated blend of theory with real life, and includes many case studies, activity exercises, discussion questions and full colour photographs to illustrate the discussions i...

Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising and Public Relations provides the behind-the-scenes information readers need to launch a successful career in these fields, including an overview of the current state of the industries, a breakdown of key jobs within advertising and public relations, fast facts, and tips for effective communications and networking. Readers will become acquainted with the ins and outs of this industry, including its key publications, Web s...

Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy

The Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy provides a comprehensive overview of public diplomacy and national image and perception management, from the efforts to foster pro-West sentiment during the Cold War to the post-9/11 campaign to "win the hearts and minds" of the Muslim world. Editors Nancy Snow and Philip Taylor present materials on public diplomacy trends in public opinion and cultural diplomacy as well as topical policy is...

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume XI: South Asia Crisis, 1971

State Department Publication 11199. Edited by Louis J. Smith. General Editor: Edward C. Keefer. Part of a subseries that documents the most important issues in the foreign policy of the administration of Richard M. Nixon. This volume documents the response of the United States to the crisis that developed in South Asia in 1971. The scope of this volume is limited to the political crisis that began in Pakistan in March 1971 with the g...

Secrecy and Publicity in Votes and Debates

In the spirit of Jeremy Bentham's Political Tactics, this volume offers the first comprehensive discussion of the effects of secrecy and publicity on debates and votes in committees and assemblies. The contributors - sociologists, political scientists, historians, and legal scholars - consider the micro-technology of voting (the devil is in the detail), the historical relations between the secret ballot and universal suffrage, the us...

Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations

Style is a crucial ingredient to everything we say and do; in writing, it is the way sentences are structured, the choice of words and the way they are used. If the style is outmoded, the reader will soon lose interest and might not even get beyond the first few lines. This fully updated second edition of ""Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations"" is a hands-on, practical guide to writing style for students and others entering...