Pacing: Individual Strategies for Optimal Performance

We’ve all heard the advice “Pace yourself. Save energy and finish strong.” It sounds simple enough, so why is it so hard? Why do even supremely conditioned elite athletes mismanage their energy supplies and fail to finish strong? Pacing: Individual Strategies for Optimal Performance examines the latest science, research, and application in search of answers. This guide explores the role of pacing in sports, the most common strategies...

Are You Ready!: To Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Change Your Life Forever

The world-renowned fitness coach on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser presents his winning approach to lasting weight loss by showing how to get at the root of your overeating problem, followed by a nutritionally savvy diet and unique exercise plan. On The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper gives contestants the practical tools and psychological insights they need to get into the best shape of their lives. The key to his success is the emotio...

Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game

The great Sir Donald Bradman’s test-match batting average of 99.94 is an achievement matching that of any other sporting great. Now, you can achieve greatness as well with Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game. In this one-of-a-kind collection, the world’s top players and coaches share their secrets, guidance and advice on every aspect of the game. From batting to bowling and fielding to coaching, Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Yo...

Coaching Youth Basketball

Coaching Youth Basketball, Fifth Edition, will help you run organized practices as you develop your players’ fundamental skills. Written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), in conjunction with expert coach Don Showalter of USA Basketball, this book covers all aspects of player development that you need to know: • Preparing for and conducting efficient, age-specific practices • Teaching and developing skills • Providing a ...

Functional Training for Sports

Reach a higher level of athleticism with Functional Training for Sports! Functional training is a complete system of athletic development that focuses on training the body the way it will be used in competition, making it the most efficient and effective form of training today. Author Mike Boyle, renowned strength and conditioning coach formerly with the Boston Bruins, addresses movement, body positions, and abilities that are essent...

Le massage - Histoire, techniques et exercices illustrés à faire à la maison

Shiatsu, massage à l'huile, réflexologie… Nombreuses sont les techniques de massage à mains nues. Quel que soit le besoin concerné, vous trouverez dans cet ouvrage celle qui convient, tant les vertus du massage sont nombreuses : sur le plan mental, il réduit le stress et renforce la concentration ; sur le plan émotionnel, il renforce l'image de soi et le sentiment de sécurité ; sur le plan physique, il améliore la circulation et renf...

Maigrir selon votre silhouette

Les secrets de la morphonutrition pour perdre des kilos là où vous voulez. Pourquoi 95 % des régimes sont-ils inefficaces ? Et pourquoi perd-on précisément des kilos là où on ne voudrait pas, alors qu’ils s’accrochent là où on essaie de les déloger ? La réponse est simple : parce qu’on s’obstine à vouloir faire maigrir tout le monde de la même façon alors que nous sommes tous différents. Avec ce livre, adoptez enfin le régime fait po...

Ma leçon d'automassage

Vous souhaitez lutter contre le stress et retrouver bien-être et harmonie ? Rien de plus simple avec les 240 manoeuvres d'automassage proposées par Hélène Campan. Des pieds à la tête, vous trouverez l'ensemble des gestes et des points énergétiques à activer pour aller rapidement mieux. Grâce à cet ouvrage richement illustré et accessible à tous : - Réalisez pas à pas les bons gestes pour un bien-être rapide. - Soulagez vos petits mau...

Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning

Ultramarathons don't leave much room for mistakes. Don't learn the hard way: get a jump on training for an ultramarathon with Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning, a comprehensive handbook to running 30 to 100 miles and beyond, written by one of the most experienced and recognized athletes in the sport. Hal Koerner is among America's best ultrarunners with podium results in more than 90 ultramarathons. In his smart, down-to-eart...