212 Surprising Checkmates

Deliver the Coup de Grâce! With this instructive manual, players can learn to concentrate on one-, two- and three-move checkmates, focusing on their opponents’ last moves and keeping alert to new possibilities, rather than getting blinded by previous calculations. Written by two experienced chess teachers, this volumes first 100 exercises concern checkmates in one move, while the remaining exercises represent game-like positions for...

That's Gotta Hurt : The Injuries That Changed Sports Forever

This book is written for everyone. It is full of human interest stories that center around sports injuries, but even if you don't follow sports, you'll enjoy the book. I would highly recommend it. Very educational and interesting read. This book will satisfy a very wide audience. Casual sports fans will enjoy learning about the common sports injuries within the context of some of the most well-known athletes such as Michael Jordan, T...

The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino: Understanding the Roman Games

"Jerry Toner is an ideal author to present this fascinating subject to a broad readership. He masterfully combines allure and accessibility as he incorporates up-to-date scholarship with cultural and sociopolitical sophistication. Drawing on his earlier works on leisure and Rome, Toner demolishes traditional one-dimensional assumptions about stereotypically mad, tyrannical emperors, bloodthirsty, sadistic mobs, doomed gladiators, and...

Endurance: Winning Life's Majors the Phil Mickelson Way

I read all the time and so many books are poorly written. Almost all sports books are loaded with stats that no one cares about but it fills up the pages when the author really never talked to the athlete in the first place. This isn't one of those books, and really does give you a lot of incite into the real guy that Phil Mickelson is. I'm going to wait a month and then read it again it was so good. Don't ever let your kids grow up ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boating and Sailing (2nd Edition)

We are fist time boat owners and this book is a godsend. When you are out on the water, and have a question, you can just look it up in this easy to use book! They should really take the word "idiots" out of the title and just call it the complete guide to boating and sailing. Whether you're new to boating, or have been on the water a lot, there is something to be learned from this book. Everything you were afraid to ask but wanted t...

Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo

"I recommend [this book] to individuals who are curious about the behind-the- scenes occurrences of a wrestling company, specifically TNA. Moreover, the 255-page book depicts Vince Russo's account of his professional life in wrestling and personal life as a Christian. If anything, it gives readers a unique portrayal of Vince Russo as a person as opposed to Vince Russo the character." —Slam! Sports

The Grandmaster's Mind

At least a book that specially declare the relevance and presence of "prophylactic thinking" in the mental process of the masters! This book presents a bunch of grandmasters and experts interviews about their thinking process for the best continuation. The conclusion in unavoidable: all skilled player start his thinking process with the question: "what the other side want?" "what are its threats?" The answer to this question is the b...

Attacking Manual (Volume 1)

This book is the first volume of a 2 volume Attacking Manual. By attack, Aagaard refers to attacks against the King. He has analyzed a large number of attacking games and established 7 "global principles" and the chapters are arranged around these principles. Since Aagaard (and John Shaw) is the publisher and editor, it looks like Aagaard has not skimped in any explanatory prose. The games are described in complete and beautiful deta...