The Cycling Bible: The Complete Guide For All Cyclists From Novice To Expert

There are lots of great books on Cycling, but this one is the most comprehensive, and discusses everything from selecting the right bike, fitting your bike, cycling gear, different types of riding, basic maintenance, nutrition, stretching and fitness, how to train to reach your fitness goals and different parts of the world to travel to for some fantastic rides. Beautiful Color Illustrations throughout. I am very impressed, and will ...

Ezzard Charles: A Boxing Life

I have been a Bill Dettloff fan for a long time. He is the man who made The Ring Magazine a great read with his superlative writing skill. This book is exquisitely researched and offers a boxing historian like me a new insight into one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. It is so exquisitely researched and well written that I could not wait to read the next page. Anything Bill does he does well and this book on Ezzard Charles is...

Hagakure : Le Livre Secret Des Samouraïs

Écrit entre 1710 et 1717 par le samouraï locho Yamamoto pour des samouraïs, ce précieux code de conduite et de morale est pour la première fois accessible aux lecteurs français. C'est un événement. A l'origine, cet inestimable manuscrit a été préservé jalousement par le clan des Nabeshima, pendant plus de 150 années. Il voulait ainsi garder pour son seul profit l'enseignement du Hagakuré. Le public japonais n’y aura accès qu'au début...

The Long Way

Mr. Boatner obviously missed the whole essence of Moitessier's rendering of his experience. This is not about litterature, but about the real experience of a man whose mind wanders as his trip progresses. The style is in perfect harmony with what happens in Moitessier's mind, as the ocean gets to him and reality fades in the wake of his ship.

The Complete Anchoring Handbook: Stay Put On Any Bottom In Any Weather

I found this to be an informative book. I would disagree with the reviewer who is claiming that the authors of this book are trying to sell a particular design. His claim that the Rocna anchor is not featured as a superior anchor compared to older designs is plain false. Much of the information in this book can be found on the internet, or is at least backed up by online sources. That said, I felt the book could use some re-structuri...