Baseball For Dummies, 4 Edition

Baseball continues to be a popular game both as a spectator sport and as a pastime. Since the publication of Baseball For Dummies, 3rd Edition, baseball teams have changed, new MLB stadiums have been built, and rules have been updated. This updated 4th Edition brings you the latest information on the players, the places, and above all, the game. Baseball For Dummies is for baseball fans at all levels, from players and coaches to spec...

Science Of Swimming Faster

In a sport where victory is often determined by a fraction of a second, it’s obvious why one of the most sought-after secrets is how to swim faster. However, as the world’s most renowned coaches, athletes, trainers, and researchers know, there is no secret—just science. Science of Swimming Faster is a remarkable achievement—one that embraces, explains, and applies the latest science and research that has and continues to set new perf...

Breakaway: Beyond The Goal

Get inspired to be your best—in sports and in life—with this uplifting memoir from star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan that includes eight pages of full-color photos! As a talented and successful female athlete, Alex Morgan is a role model to thousands of girls who want to be their best, not just in soccer, but in other sports and in life. The story of her path to success, from playing in the 2011 Women’s World C...

Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills, 2nd Edition

The books covers the basic skills and tools in climbing, wether it be traditional or bouldering. Solid for anyone new starting out. • Approximately 35 new techniques, safety considerations, and subjects • National Outdoor Book Award winner in first edition • First edition of this popular title has sold 50,000 copies Thousands of rock climbers have learned the sport using Craig Luebben’s seminal and bestselling text, Rock Climbing: Ma...

Body, Sport And Society In Norden Countries: Essays In Cultural History By Niels Kayser Nielsen

This book comprises a number of cultural-historical and ethnographic studies of the history of sport in the Nordic countries. The studies examine the contribution made by sport to the development of Scandinavian nationalism in the nineteenth century, and analyze the ways in which sport became interwoven with the social life of citizens in the various Scandinavian countries in the twentieth century. The main focus of this volume, ther...

The Bill James Handbook 2014

The Bill James Handbook--the first, best, most complete annual baseball reference guide available. Full of exclusive stats, this book is the most comprehensive resource on every hit, pitch, and catch in Major League Baseball's 2013 season--and includes player projections for 2014. Key features include: NEW sections: No-Hitter Summary; Home Run Robberies; Hitter Analysis; and returning favorites: Career Baserunning; Pitcher Analysis; ...

Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of your favorite superstars who had so much promise but never made it? Have you ever asked yourself, "What kind of drama do these larger-than-life superstars find themselves into when the cameras are off?" Do you want to be a superstar in the world of wrestling? Do you know exactly what you're getting yourself into? Do you want to know the four letter word that has ended more wrestling car...

Norwegen Der Länge Nach: 3000 Kilometer Zu Fuß Bis Zum Nordkap

»Norge på langs« ist die Königsdisziplin unter Norwegens Wanderrouten. Zu Fuß vom südlichsten Punkt am Kap Lindesnes bis zum Nordkap – nur wenige haben das bisher geschafft. Simon Michalowicz, untrainiert für so eine Tour und ungeübt im Umgang mit Karte und Kompass, möchte sich diesen Traum erfüllen. 140 Tage zieht er durch die endlosen Weiten des Fjells, genießt die Magie der Mitternachtssonne und beobachtet Polarlichter. Und trotz ...

The Power Of Positive Pedaling

Stories and reflections from a married couple's three decades of traveling the world by bicycle -- including photographs and tips for long-distance bicycle touring This book is jam-packed with adventure, inspiration, humor, humanity, and a lot of cool photos, too! Such a rare book and a fun and interesting read — teaching not only about the world but about human nature at its finest. Oh — I almost forgot — it's full of valuable tips ...