The Best Team Money Can Buy

Such an incredibly insightful and easy read. This book covers the complexities of an organization and people from the top down. People from the almost shadowy billionaire-CEO figure that is Mark Walter to the ups and downs of a Yasiel Puig are described from such close proximity. There are several wonderful and hilarious accounts of the personality of Zack Greinke, among others. As a baseball fan, you will enjoy the details of an org...

Stand And Deliver: A Street Warrior's Guide To Tactical Combat Stances

Stand And Deliver teaches you the most practical and effective combat stances needed to survive in today’s violent and deadly world. Whether you are walking down a dark and deserted alley or being targeted by a belligerent drunk at the end of the bar, Stand and Deliver has you covered. This book isn’t about sport fighting, flashy moves or traditional rituals. Instead, self-defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you his unique combat sta...

Running Is Flying: Aphorisms, Meditations, And Thoughts On A Running Life

What a refreshing attitude! The author's joy and enthusiasm shine through. The art work, even on my Kindle Basic, was a nice complement to the text. Perfect to keep handy on the porch, in the car, on the plane--really any place you like (or are forced) to sit, relax, and read just a bit. Use it get back in touch with that inner kid who ran for the joy of the wind. Or take just a bit of starch out of that all too serious running spous...

Nfl Football: A History Of America's New National Pastime

Pro football's evolution into a national obsession This wide-ranging history synthesizes scholarship and media sources to give the reader an inside view of the television contracts, labor issues, and other off-the-field forces that shaped the National Football League. Historian Richard Crepeau shows how Commissioner Pete Rozelle's steady leadership guided the league's explosive growth during the era of Monday Night Football and the S...

Downstream: A History And Celebration Of Swimming The River Thames

A beautifully written book and a delightful read. The author Caitlin Davies has researched all the noteworthy places of interest from the origins of the River Thames to the point where the tidal Thames flows into the North Sea and English Channel. It highlights individuals through the ages who swam in these waters many of whom created long standing records of endurance. This is an important piece of work for it gives the reader a gli...

Buried In The Sky: The Extraordinary Story Of The Sherpa Climbers On K2’s Deadliest Day

“Gripping, intense. . . . Buried in the Sky will satisfy anyone who loved [Into Thin Air].”—Kate Tuttle, Boston Globe When Edmund Hillary first conquered Mt. Everest, Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was at his side. Indeed, for as long as Westerners have been climbing the Himalaya, Sherpas have been the unsung heroes in the background. In August 2008, when eleven climbers lost their lives on K2, the world’s most dangerous peak, two Sherpas sur...

The 50 Greatest Pirates Every Fan Should Know

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a long and glorious tradition spanning more than 100 years of baseball and the Pirates have been blessed with some of the best players in the games history wearing t heir uniforms and sporting a P on their cap. Pirate greats go back to before the turn of the 20th Century and top players continue to dress out in Pittsburgh gold and black today. Any list of the best is subjective and choosing the 50 best pla...

Inside The Cup: Secrets Behind Our All Black Campaigns

Inside the Cup is the definitive story of the triumphs, oddities, heartbreaks, dramas and disasters of every All Black campaign at the Rugby World Cup. New Zealand rugby's master storyteller, Phil Gifford, takes you behind the scenes to relive the action as it happened and as told by those directly involved. You'll find out why Buck Shelford was dropped, which All Blacks were actually sick before the 1995 final, why Taine Randell bel...

The Bill James Handbook 2015

The first, best, most complete annual baseball reference guide available. Full of exclusive stats, this book is the most comprehensive resource on every hit, pitch, and catch in Major League Baseball's 2014 season--and includes player projections for 2015.

Wenn Ich Denn Laufe, Dann Laufe Ich: Von Lust Und Leid Beim Marathon

Von der Leidenschaft des Laufens erzählt das Buch. Es erzählt aus ganz persönlicher Perspektive, wie die Idee, einen Marathon zu laufen, geboren wird, wie das Training dazu angegangen wird, erst langsam, dann sich allmählich steigernd. Auch die Selbstzweifel, wenn zum Laufen sich die unvermeidliche Anstrengung einstellt, kommen zu Wort. Es erzählt ganz allgemein von den Freuden beim Laufen und jenen beim Marathon, von dem Gefühl, man...