Heavyweight Boxing In The 1970s: The Great Fighters And Rivalries

This work covers the individuals and events of what most consider to be the greatest era in boxing history. The first chapter compares the 1970s to all other eras, from the early 1900s and Jack Johnson to the present day and the Klitschko brothers, proving through an established set of criteria that the '70s stand above all other eras. The second chapter focuses on the tumultuous 1960s and the circumstances that led to the blossoming...

Mouches De Pêche, L’encyclopédie

Pour tous les amateurs de pêche à la mouche, du débutant au professionel rend bien service. Difficile de faire mieux, peut-être en ajoutant quelqus schémas de montage simplifié en plus(pour les débutants) Mouches de pêche, l'Encyclopédie est le guide de référence pour tous les monteurs de mouches artificielles et les pêcheurs à la mouche. Cet ouvrage présente 1500 modèles de mouches à truite et à ombre de tous les pays (France, Itali...

Breaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips & Techniques

This book describes in a step-by-step manner a very effective way to become a much more effective shotgunner. I've read a lot of "shotgunning" books. This is one of the best. A book to transform the performance of all clay shooters Proven tournament techniques Written by one of the world's leading instructorsBreaking Clays is a comprehensive and practical book that presents in- depth advice and instruction for shooters of all discipl...

Bodybuilding Anatomie: Der Vollständig Illustrierte Ratgeber Für Gezielten Muskelaufbau

Werfen Sie einen Blick 'unter die Haut' und erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren Körper optimal in Form bringen. Mit einer Vielzahl von detailreichen Farb-Illustrationen und anschaulich beschriebenen Übungsanleitungen ermöglicht 'Bodybuilding Anatomie' ein gezieltes Muskelaufbautraining für alle Körperbereiche. Zahlreiche Varianten ermöglichen Ihnen, einzelne Übungen und damit Ihr gesamtes Trainingsprogramm an Ihre persönlichen Erfordernisse ...

Get Fast!: A Complete Guide To Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride

Full of helpful and easy-to-use information, this book is also an enjoyable read. Yeager blends personal anecdotes with tips from the pros. The book covers technique, from cadence to breathing, as well as the importance of diet and strength training -- and I love the sound advice to eat healthy fats found in avocados for long-lasting fuel and to do jump squats to help build explosive speeds. I find that the more I read about biking, ...

The 500 Home Run Club: From Aaron To Williams

The 500 Home Run Club tells the stories of the 15 men, prior to Mark McGwire, who hit more than 500 home runs -- out of the 14,000 major leaguers who played the game -- in their own words, talking about themselves and about each other. Over 180 former major leaguers, from Yogi Berra to Don Zimmer, were interviewed to get their first-person accounts of playing with and against baseball's 15 most dominant sluggers. Also, Hank Aaron des...

Sport Pedagogy: An Introduction For Teaching And Coaching

This book provides you with some of the prior knowledge you need to make best use of teaching materials, coaching manuals and other resources. In so doing you, as a teacher or coach, will be well placed to offer an effective and professional learning service to children and young people in sport. Sport Pedagogy offers an essential starting point for anyone who cares about sport, education and young people. It offers invaluable theore...

Whitewash To Whitewash: Australian Cricket’s Years Of Struggle And Summer Of Riches

Watching Warne, McGrath, and Langer leave the field for the last time after the 2007 Ashes whitewash, Michael Hussey knew that life was going to get tough for the Australian cricket side. With these stars retiring and more to follow, he wondered how the team could ever recover. This is the inside story of how it did. No one foresaw quite how far Australia would fall, or for how long. For the next seven years, disasters on the field w...

Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols By Stanley H. Teitelbaum

Drugs, gambling, domestic abuse, even-occasionally-murder-all are part of the day-to-day existence of the world-class athletes profiled in this sobering account by psychotherapist and lifetime sports lover Teitelbaum. Beginning with the old saw that, in our hero-obsessed culture, star athletes are "catered to since childhood and have come to accept special treatment as their due," the author quickly gets to work detailing the many in...