Star Ware: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories

5a6a6a993d029.jpg Author Philip S. Harrington
Isbn 9780471750635
File size 3.99MB
Year 2007
Pages 432
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy

Book Description:

Praise for Star Ware
"Star Ware is still a tour de force that any experienced amateur will find invaluable, and which hardware–minded beginners will thoroughly enjoy."
– Robert Burnham, Sky & Telescope magazine
"Star Ware condenses between two covers what would normally take a telescope buyer many months to accumulate."
– John Shibley, Astronomy magazine

Whether you′re shopping for your first telescope or your fifth, don′t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by the dazzling array of product choices, bells and whistles, and the literature that describes them all. That′s why you need Star Ware.

In this revised and updated Fourth Edition of the essential guide to comparing and selecting sky–watching equipment, award–winning astronomy writer Philip Harrington takes you telescope shopping the easy way. He analyzes and explains today′s astronomy market and compares brands and models point by point. Star Ware gives you the confidence you need to buy the telescope and accessories that are right for you and the knowledge to get the most out of your new purchase, with:

Extensive, expanded reviews of leading models and accessories–including dozens of new products

A clear, step–by–step guide to every aspect of selecting telescopes, binoculars, filters, mounts, lenses, cameras, film, star charts, guides and references, and much more

Ten new do–it–yourself projects for building your own astronomical equipment

Easy tips on setting up, using, and caring for telescopes and other astronomical equipment

Lists of where to find everything astronomical, including Web sites and resources; distributors, dealers, and conventions; and corporate listings for products and services



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