The Tennessee Campaign of 1864

51df6ajiQ+L._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Andrew S. Bledsoe, Charles D Grear, Steven E. Woodworth, and Stewart L. Bennett
Isbn 9780809334520
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Year 2016
Pages 280
Language English
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Category History

Book Description:

When the Union Army of General Sherman took Atlanta in September 1864, the Confederate forces in the region were left with few options. Newly appointed Confederate commander General Hood took a long gamble that an invasion of Tennessee might cause Sherman to relinquish Atlanta in order to protect his supply lines. General Sherman in turn took his own gamble, abandoning Atlanta and dividing his army..

"Nashville 1864" is an Osprey Campaign Series book, authored by Mark Lardas, with illustrations by Adam Hook. The author methodically walks the reader through the respective leaders and their plans and forces. The actual campaign played out between September and December 1864, as Hood and his Army of Tennessee chased elements of Union General George Thomas' Army of the Tennessee across northern Alabama and middle Tennessee. A string of battles would decide the fate of what is here termed the Confederacy's last offensive.

This is a well organized book. The text is very nicely supported with period photographs, battle diagrams, and modern illustrations. The options available to each side are discussed in an even-handed manner, while dismissing at least some of the post-war mythmaking. Highly recommended as a very readable introduction to a controversial campaign.


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