The Amazing Samson

56a76cce994a3.jpg Author Alexander Zass
Isbn 9781466457843
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Year 2011
Pages 238
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Sport

Book Description:

This is a historically significant and very good book. Zass was teaching Isometrics and promoting them back in the early 1900s. As a prisoner of war during World War I he developed his strength by pushing and pulling on the bars of his cell and pulling on the chains that restrained him. The strength that he developed in this manner became the basis of two successful mail order strength building courses and launched his career as a professional strongman-great book!

Alexander Zass was best known by his stage name, The Amazing Samson.

He was an oldtime strongman capable of snapping chains and bending iron bars. In fact, the legend is he was able to escape a POW camp by doing just that. From this and other training over his lifetime he was a huge proponent of isometric training.

This book, The Amazing Samson, describes his life, his training and how to do many of the feats, including chain breaking and nail driving and pulling. Also features writings from a fellow strongman and friend William Pullum. Also be sure to check out The Mystery of the Iron Samson for more details on Zass, including some of the exercises he used for his training.



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