The Bible And Posthumanism

5652d0fd4e2a8.jpg Author Jennifer L. Koosed
Isbn 978-1589837515
File size 2.4 MB
Year 2014
Pages 360
Language English
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Category Religion

Book Description:

What does it mean, and what should it mean to be human?

In this collection of essays, scholars place the philosophies and theories of animal studies and posthumanism into conversation with biblical studies. Authors cross and disrupt boundaries and categories through close readings of stories where the human body is invaded, possessed, or driven mad. Articles explore the ethics of the human use of animals and the biblical contributions to the question. Other essays use the image of lions animals that appear not only in the wild, but also in the Bible, ancient Near Eastern texts, and philosophy to illustrate the potential these theories present for students of the Bible. Contributors George Aichele, Denise Kimber Buell, Benjamin H. Dunning, Heidi Epstein, Rhiannon Graybill, Jennifer L. Koosed, Eric Daryl Meyer, Stephen D. Moore, Hugh Pyper, Robert Paul Seesengood, Yvonne Sherwood, Ken Stone, and Hannah M. Strømmen present an open invitation for further work in the field of posthumanism.


Coverage of texts that explore the boundaries between animal, human, and divinity
Discussion of the term posthumanism and how it applies to biblical studies
Essays engage Derrida, Foucault, Wolfe, Lacan, Singer, Haraway, and others



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