Traditional Balkan Cuisine: Collection Of Traditional Recipes From The Balkan Region

564c9da24487f.jpg Author George Nikolov
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Year 2015
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Book Description:

In this cookbook you will find over 140 authentic recipes based on traditional Balkan ingredients.
Inside, find all types of traditional Balkan fare, including potato salad, lentil soup, and an assortment of pita dishes, as well as sauces and a multitude of delectable desserts, such as crème puffs, baklava, and crepes.
Most cooking traditions of the Balkan countries are intertwined with the cultures of neighboring countries. So, don’t be surprised if some of these dishes seem similar to some of your own family s traditional recipes. Also, be prepared for some differences.
In Balkan, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, while dinner happens to be the lightest, typically focusing on merely cold cuts and bread. Throw in an afternoon snack of a baked pastry and coffee and consider yourself a convert! Many of the recipes are vegetarian, but feel free to add your choice of meat to any dish.



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