Israel - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture, 3rd Edition

This was a nice companion to other travel guides because it tends to include the cultural nuances that others leave out. I found that some in my group had taken offense at times without knowing that no offense was intended. There were simply differences in cultural norms and expectations. When I explained what was really intended in the encounter, it immediately eased tensions. Frankly, it's impossible to travel and experience the di...

The Rough Guide to Panama, 3rd Edition

This book is perfect for my style of travel. Not staying in hostels or in Hilton's but in between. Lots of choices! I have several other Panama guide books on my Kindle but ordered this in paper so I can look at on a street corner without exposing my expensive electronics for thieves to target. Great maps!

Best Maine Lobster Roll

What’s for lunch when you’re in Maine in the summer? What else but the ubiquitous lobster roll. Nearly every café, diner, dive, and gourmet restaurant offers their version of this sandwich (even McDonald’s adds one to their menu every summer) and chefs delight in adding their own spin on this classic comfort food. Down East magazine has scoured the state and come up with the 75 best lobster rolls to be had anywhere. Each is ranked an...

A Taste of Cuba

“In A Taste of Cuba the connections between food and family history and cuisine and culture are made in vivid detail. I felt as if I were taking a coast-to-coast journey through the land of my roots, sampling dishes that reminded me of my own family dinners, the aromas and savory spices and sugary sweets. This book is more than its recipes, it is a story of how a people express themselves with their cooking.”

Performing Cultural Tourism (New Directions in Tourism Analysis Book 42)

While experiential staging is well documented in tourism studies, not enough has been written about the diverse types of experiences and expectations that visitors bring to the tourist space and how communities respond to, or indeed challenge, these expectations. This book brings together new ideas about cultural experiences and how communities, creative producers, and visitors can productively engage with competing interests and not...

Emerald Labyrinth : A Scientist's Adventures in the Jungles of the Congo

“Engrossing. . . . Slipping unobtrusively between armed militias, avaricious bureaucrats, courageous conservationists, and tropical diseases, Greenbaum takes his readers with him to discover the depths of our ignorance of Congo’s natural history, with erudite forays into the country’s political and social history and its importance to the fate of the planet. . . . His research is urgent.” (Ian Redmond, OBE, wildlife biologist and amb...

Malawi - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa,” “Land of the Lake,” and “The Land of Smiling Faces,” this small, landlocked country in southeast Africa offers travelers a true African experience. Within a single day, visitors can go on safari, enjoy sprawling tea gardens, and watch the sun sets over Lake Malawi, the third-largest lake in Africa and home to many rare species of fish. The country has nine unique national parks and wildlife reser...

Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay

The south-east Queensland region is currently experiencing the most rapid urbanization in Australia. This growth in human population, industry and infrastructure puts pressure on the unique and diverse natural environment of Moreton Bay. Much loved by locals and holiday-goers, Moreton Bay is also an important biogeographic region because its coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves and saltmarshes provide a supportive environment for bo...

The Spokane River

"The Spokane River is a beautiful biography of a legendary western river. Like the best life stories, The Spokane River surprises and enthralls, probing into the past and beneath the surface to reveal the complicated personality of a beloved place."―Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Great Tide Rising: Toward Clarity and Moral Courage in a Time of Planetary Change "Running the gamut from loving impressions to far more sobering treatments...

A Field Guide to Long Island Sound

This book has it all! Excellent reference to everything in Long Island Sound...I volunteer at a nature center and although we have lots of reference books, this is the go-to when guests come in and ask us questions, birds, fish, plants and shells. The book is so popular we have had to replace it 4 times, people "borrow" it and forget to return it. I don't blame them..I purchased my own copy. This book was a gift to my husband. He is ...