Two Eggs, Two Kids: An egg donor's account of friendship, infertility & secrets

57ec3d2a1c4a7.jpg Author Alicia Young
Isbn 9780985595098
File size 2.7 MB
Year 2015
Pages 132
Language English
File format PDF
Category Personality

Book Description:

*GRAND PRIZE WINNER: 2015 SAN FRANCISCO BOOK FESTIVAL! Alicia Young doesn't have kids (she forgot). Yet she had two biological children. "Two Eggs, Two Kids" is the story of how Alicia came to donate her eggs to two couples—both good friends—who were struggling with infertility. The way these families began and the way their relationships unfolded could not be more different. One baby’s origins were celebrated in the open. The other’s roots were cloaked in secrecy. Two Eggs, Two Kids provides an insightful, touching, and gently humorous look into the world of infertility—a world experienced by one in eight couples today. Meet: • Alicia, the egg donor, who explains why she did it, how she did it, and how she feels today • Angela, one of the egg recipients, who recounts her journey and what propelled her • Rachael, Angela’s daughter, who reveals how she feels about her “spare mom” A Guided Tour to Being an Egg Donor: • A handy peek into the physical and emotional assessment • What you can expect from the process • Anecdotes from other donors, recipients, and family members • A checklist of questions for donors and recipients • Tips for family and friends on both sides


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