The Two Knights Defence

58526f3aa253c.jpeg Author Jan Pinski
Isbn 9781857442830
File size 10MB
Year 2004
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

The Two Knights Defence is one of the trickiest tactical openings around. If White initiates complications with either 4 Ng5 or 4 d4, play becomes extremely sharp and gambits and counter gambits abound. Anyone who enters the murky waters of the Two Knights Defence must be well prepared for the mind-boggling complications that ensue. In this book, openings theoretician Jonathan Tait guides the reader through both the well-trodden paths of the main lines plus the less fashionable side variations of this most complex opening. Using illustrative games, Tait studies the key ideas and tactics for both Black and White.

*Up-to-date coverage of a controversial opening
*Written by a Two Knights Defence expert
*Ideal for club and tournament players



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