The Ultimate Guide To Learning Chess

5656887e369ba.jpg Author Bradley Feeney
File size 394.7 Kb
Year 2015
Pages 30
Language English
File format EPUB
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Book Description:

Learning How To Play Chess Once And For All

Discover how to finally Become A Chess Player, Learn Chess Strategy and Tips for good so that you can win games, have fun and be happy!

Your dad taught you how to play Chess, but he didn't teach you much. You already know how to checkmate and move the pieces, but let's face it, your friends and family still beat you more than you'd like. You DON'T just want to play. You want to win and possibly CONQUER ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

You sly dog! I know the feeling and I'm here to help.

In a few short months, I went from a struggling post-beginner to an adept intermediate player and doubled my Chess ability by teaching myself. In this book, I show you how you can double, even triple, your Chess ability like I did, but faster.

You see, most chess "experts" bombard you with complex Chess notation (QxB6?) and expect you to read complex Chess terminology. I don't do that. I'll give you a cheat sheet of what you NEED to remember, and you'll be off to the Chess boards and killing Queens like it's nobody's business.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Understanding How Each Chess Piece Works
How To Set Up And Start A Game
Understanding Chess Language and Strategy
How To Incorporate New Tactics During The Chess Game
How To Control The Chess Game
Additional Reminders When Playing Chess
...and much, much more!



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    Sir, how to download a book from this site

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      Web site to provide online preview PDF e-book, if you need to download please copy the URL to download the software

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