Unleash Her Bad Girl…and Get Her To Do Anything You Want In Bed

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Year 2013
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Book Description:

Dear friend who wants to have more interesting, fun and exciting sex, Have you ever had any of the following things happen to YOU? You were having sex several times a week with your girlfriend, fiancée, wife (or even a woman you were 'just seeing for sex') and although you were having a lot of sex - the sex wasn't the kind of sex you wanted You asked a woman to try something NEW with you in the bedroom and she didn't react well - either taking offence or laughing at your suggestion You just weren't getting as much sex as you'd like (or perhaps you weren't having any sex at all), leaving you sexually frustrated You were receiving a HAND JOB or ORAL SEX from a woman and she just didn't have a clue what she was doing You wanted to have anal sex with a woman, but you didn't know how to get her to try it with you You were in a relationship with a woman that was really great, except for the fact that THE SEX WAS LAME and she didn't fulfil your sexual needs - in other words... great girl, but she didn't sexually satisfy you You were seeing a woman who didn't want as much sex as you... her sex-drive was LOWER than yours... leaving you frustrated and wanting more You were actually having GREAT SEX with your woman and you wanted to take things to the next level and try new stuff in the bedroom, but you didn't know how to communicate these desires to your woman



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  • John 10/04/2017 at pm9:25

    Thank you very much for your wonderful E books, thanks a lot

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