Victorian Poetry Now: Poets, Poems and Poetics

58241b0c09d8b.jpg Author Valentine Cunningham
Isbn 9780631208266
File size 3.8MB
Year 2011
Pages 552
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

This book is the definitive guide to Victorian poetry, which its author approaches in the light of modern critical concerns and contemporary contexts.

  • Valentine Cunningham exhibits encyclopedic knowledge of the poetry produced in this period and offers dazzling close readings of a number of well-known poems
  • Draws on the work of major Victorian poets and their  works as well as many of the less well-known poets and poems
  • Reads poems and poets in the light of both Victorian and modern critical concerns
  • Places poetry in its personal, aesthetic, historical, and ideological context
  • Organized in terms of the Victorian anxieties of self, body, and melancholy
  • Argues that rhyming/repetition is the major formal feature of Victorian poetry
  • Highlights the Victorian obsession with small subjects in small poems
  • Shows how Victorian poetry attempts to engage with the modern subject and how its modernity segues into modernism and postmodernism



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