What's Normal?: Reconciling Biology and Culture

00450ce9_medium Author Allan V. Horwitz
Isbn 0190603240
File size 2MB
Year 2016
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Psychology

Book Description:

"While many acknowledge that the nature-nurture debate is obsolete, we continue to struggle with this tension. Using a wide range of cases, Allan Horwitz addresses this nearly imponderable question by untangling what is part of our biological inheritance, what is our constructed convention, and what happens when nature and nurture encounter the complexities of modern life."


"They say the job of a sociologist is to make the familiar strange. Well, What's Normal? stands that charge on its head, making the strange familiar. From incest taboos to wartime bravery to obesity to child naming practices, Horwitz demonstrates how nature and nurture dance the tango to produce norms. What's Normal? is both thoroughly comprehensive scholarship and a page turner. A tour de force."




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