When Children Die

Improving Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Children and Their Families"

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Isbn 9780309084376
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Year 2003
Pages 713
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Book Description:

1. Introduction
2. Patterns of Childhood Death in America
3. Pathways to a Child
4. Communication, Goal Setting, and Care Planning
5. Care and Caring From Diagnosis Through Death and Bereavement
6. Providing, Organizing, and Improving Care
7. Financing of Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Children and Their Families
8. Ethical and Legal Issues
9. Educating Health Care Professionals
10. Directions for Research
Appendix A: Study Origins and Activities
Appendix B: Prognostication Scores
Appendix C: Assessing Health-Related Quality in End-of-Life Care for Children and Adolescents
Appendix D: Cultural Dimensions of Care At Life
Appendix E: Bereavement Experiences After the Death of a Child
Appendix F: End-of-Life Care in Emergency Medical Services for Children
Appendix G: Education in Pediatric Palliative Care
Appendix H: Progress in Pediatric Palliative Care in New York State–A Demonstration Project



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