The Worlds Of Farscape: Essays On The Groundbreaking Television Series

(Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy)

57d681a53ed7d.jpg Author C. W. Sullivan III, Donald E. Palumbo, and Sherry Ginn
Isbn 9780786467907
File size 4.5 MB
Year 2013
Pages 220
Language English
File format PDF
Category Languages

Book Description:

Reversing a common science fiction cliche, Farscape follows the adventures of the human astronaut John Crichton after he is shot through a wormhole into another part of the universe. Here Crichton is the only human being, going from being a member of the most intelligent species on our planet to being frequently considered mentally deficient by the beings he encounters in his new environment. Crichton befriends a group of beings from various species attempting to escape from imprisonment aboard a living spaceship. The series, which broke many of the so-called "rules" of science fiction, follows Crichton's attempts to survive in worlds that are often hostile to him and his friends. Their adventures center on each being's attempt to find a way home. The essays in this volume explore themes running throughout the series, such as good and evil, love and sex, and what it means to be a hero, as well as the various characters populating the series, including the villains and even the ship itself.



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