Xiaoyaoshuai : Wuji System Free Fighting Take Down Routine

58744bc34375b.jpeg Author Denise Breiter-Wu, Shou-Yu Liang, and Wen-Ching Wu
Isbn 9781889659121
File size 17.8MB
Year 2000
Pages 128
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Xiaoyaoshuai is designed for everyone interested in the practical take down applications of martial arts movements. Whether you are an internal or external style martial artists, you will find this routine to be beneficial to your training and to enhance your understanding of martial arts movements. Shuaijiao (take down) is used during close range combat situations where kicking and punching are not applicable or effective. Shuaijiao techniques are often trained individually. The Xiaoyaoshuai routine links together 36 effective and practical techniques, seamlessly from one application to the next; making it easy to learn take down techniques with or without a partner. Xiaoyaoshuai is the first published take down routine in the history of Chinese martial arts. Never before has there been a routine so well designed with effective and practical take down techniques in every move. It is truly one of a kind.



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